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Digital Magazines in your Pocket

Reading is a great hobby to have. You can learn a lot of new things and broaden your horizons with a good read. If you’re not a big fan of lengthier books, you can always opt for magazines. The great thing about magazines is how they come in all ...

5 Best Casino or Gambling Apps

5 Best Casino or Gambling Apps

Choosing the 5 best casino or gambling apps is difficult even for the people who have habitual apps in this category that they have a tendency to use very frequently. For one thing, they are going to have a hard time deciding whether dedicated apps ...

Skin Care Tips in Urdu

The 10 Best Urdu Android Health Apps

Today, there’s some Urdu apps for just about your health issues. We compile first time Best Urdu Android Health Apps for specific audiences in south Asia. These are helping for those who cannot understand much English language but want to know ...

Jungle Adventures - free

Just Released Free Android Game Apps 2015

We are at play store for checking new and updated android game apps. We are making a collection of free android game apps 2015 for all android game lovers. There were also various great apps and games released. As Android phones and tablets have ...

Third Generation Moto E Name Appears On Flipkart

Third Generation Moto E Name Appears On Flipkart

The upcoming Motorola’s Moto E (third generation) is might be about to release soon. An Indian’s online retailer Flipkart has listed the phone on a new page. This phone will be hopefully available with model number AP3560AD1K8. According to ...