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A Nightmare to find your Kingdom – Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review

The action game is a video game genre that includes physical challenges, hand and eye coordination as well as reaction time. In an action game the player mainly controls the avatar of the character. The avatar navigates a level collection object, avoiding obstacles and battle enemies with various attacks. Many action games are unconquerable and have an indefinite number of levels. Users can get these type of games from all over the web such as DUNGEAON HUNTER4.

DUNGEON HUNTER4 is a free to play action role playing game in the DUNGEON HUNTER series. DUGEAON HUNTER4 is an action adventure game; the game is set in an imaginary land of sorcery, demons and over the top battle for entire regions of the functional world. The game displays good cinematic introduction that gives a nice primer of the storyline to the players. Players have to select one of the three classes. They are playable with more than 30 different environments including dungeons, forests and villages. Single quests are estimated to 8 hours, it gives users a freedom to restart their game after completing their levels on Elite mode.


Users can run multiple characters at once, going in various directions with each, it supports multiplayer mode up to 4players. Each player is assigned a color and their character can choose an item with that color around them, ensuring that every player gets equal amount of weapons and tools. When a character dies the other players have a chance to revive him instead of restarting the game. But when all players die the level restarts once again.


A Nightmare to find your Kingdom - Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review

Players start at level 1 with a set of gear and stats, nice cinematic cut scene leads players into their first level where they are instantly thrown into some action. Battling their way through some easy defeat to demons, the players are given nice tutorials every time a new item includes during the game. For example when players receive a new spell they are guided into the new character pane to enable the spell and drag it into the action bar. The players are permitted to choose a new piece of gear. They are again given steps to equip and upgrade it and they can even sell the old items which they do not want to use in the game.


The main control scheme is what that any player expects from this type of game. The players get single joystick along with a main attack button and special ability and spell buttons around them as well. Across to the top of the screen it displays a character pane where a player can see a picture of the character, health, level and a mini map also. The map becomes really important to getting bearings as players move along the levels. The enemies and allies are shown in red and green dots, as well as an indicator of loot to be picked up and waypoints for upcoming objects. In a couple of levels players can completely get familiar ease with the controls.

After a brief introduction of the game, players are permitted to start killing the demons and protecting their allies in the search to complete their objectives.


The game play is nice and simple that is designed to keep in mind the limitations of applications on a mobile device. The DUGEON HUNTER4 is simple but can get quite difficult. It is designed appropriately keeping in mind touch screen controls. It has amazing great graphics, the character models are done very skillfully the demons have unique looks and the environment is detailed, which help along the storyline and help players to feel that they are progressing through the game. The most important aspect about this game is player doesn’t have to pay a dime to play. They can earn a few gems each day on the wheel of fate so they actually get gems without paying money. The weapons effects are also very crisp and suit the game very well.

A Nightmare to find your Kingdom - Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review

A Nightmare to find your Kingdom - Dungeon Hunter 4 Game Review


  • Epic story and a dark fantasy adventure
  • Slash hundred of enemies and massive bosses
  • Loot countless items
  • Go for multiplayer action, Number of players up to 4
  • Show off battle skills in the action packed PVP mode
  • Customize, craft and charm player’s gear
  • Online
  • Play station move
  • Tilt controller
  • Online CO-OP multiplayer
  • Offline CO-OP multiplayer
  • Classic action RPG game and more


DUNGEON HUNTER4 is a great game with astonishing visuals and solid game play that holds players at the edge of their seats for hours.

Download Dungeon Hunter 4 for Android [Play Store Link]

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