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Another Resourceful Android App as Marketplace – Appreciate: Android App Markets

With tons of Android apps available in the Google play store, it is not easy for a user to find useful software But with the APPRECIATE Android app it becomes easy to find software that is according to user’s needs and taste. APPRECAITE is a free app that gives unique, fully personalized app pages and recommendations. It is designed to provide great Android apps for users, the apps users actually like and want to use. APPRECIATE is a new approach to discover quality apps on Android, users do not need to search for the apps, This app looks through user’s devices to find out which apps they like and even has the ability to connect with the Facebook to see what their friends are using and then provide quality recommendations to them as well. Users can tap on each app to see its complete description and it takes a user to Google play store, so they can download the software. It also shows the users who also have downloaded the recommended app. APPRECIATE keeps track of the apps users install on their device and those they uninstall. The recommendation engines work perfectly and if users give enough info, it can get unexpectedly perfect read on their requirements. Some apps are recommended on user’s app history and some are recommended on Facebook friends’ activity. This makes discovering great apps and downloading them an easy and insightful experience at the same time.


Users can search for every app and find out its personal relevance scores. They can share their favorite apps with their friends, family through Facebook, email, sms or through the appreciate community as well. Using AAPRECAITE users are able to interact with the increasing community of Android app market admirers and explorers, serving others find amazing apps and thanking those who help to suggest and find them their desired apps. Users can also check the regularly updated list of apps for kids, girls, and guys and even just for tablets. It’s just not only understands which apps are quality apps but also analyzes that which apps match to a user’s unique personal taste.


It gives a detailed profile on each application, it tells users how well it fits their personal taste, how popular it is among their friends, if it is now in trend or not and what other mega users of similar apps feel about it. That helps users in selecting an app for them in short time without any effort.


Another Resourceful Android App as Marketplace - Appreciate: Android App Markets

It is presented in a smooth user interface and lots of ways to search for apps that are of interest of users. The user interface is extremely polished and it has a really well implemented design and responsive navigation and is a pleasure to use. On the main page users get several headings such as Daily new games, Daily new apps, Local, Trending apps, Top apps and more. Users just need to swipe their fingers across to flick them. When they enter an app, they can see more screens: Overview, Description, Community, Related and Comments. It also includes a strong social element that allows users to add friends and let others follow their apps and games. Users can create an account easily or they can login through Facebook existing account so it is a simple process and is also extremely user friendly.


  • Impressive user interface
  • A marketplace for all apps and games
  • Brilliant search tool, see which friends are using apps that users are considering
  • See similar apps
  • Top apps from Google play
  • App profile to show others why this pup is suitable for them
  • Selection of the most fun games on Google play
  • Search and discover great apps that the expert use
  • Sort by recent, best, popular, trending
  • Community updates, what’s trending among user’s friends and what they think about the app
  • Uninstall app with one click
  • Share, send to friends via Facebook, Twitter, Email
  • Daily recommended app updates and suggestions

Another Resourceful Android App as Marketplace - Appreciate: Android App Markets



APPRECIATE is a gorgeously slick and easy to use app recommendation tool. It is a best discovery tool for the apps in the market; it is a best way to find apps without wasting time in searching through junk. Using APPRECIATE app users can find the best apps and games; it just brings great apps especially for them. Above all it is a free Android app and users can get any sort of app at one place.

Download Appreciate: Android App Markets [Play Store Link]

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