Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

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Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

Torrent files have made downloading easier, no matter, what’s the size of the file you want to download and how much time downloading will take, there’s nothing to disturb you if you download via torrent, as you know well that it will download the file according to your internet connection.

But for torrent file downloading, you must use a better torrent client like uTorrent, here we present you some of best Android torrent clients for your Android phone and smartphone, read on and enjoy better torrenting. 


Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

The uTorrent is one of most popular torrent downloading client out there, this torrent client is available for computer OS and other mobile platforms, recently uTorrent team released the Android app officially. The app features a simple user interface and lets you download all torrent files directly to your Android device, yup, there’s no size and speed limit for you.

Some people also love to use remote control torrent client for their computer, the uTorrent remote control is also available that is pretty easy to use too, the remote control requires just an account to get access to your computer, both apps are currently available for free, however, in future they might cost you some charges, download them from below links:


Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

The BitTorrent is another useful and worthy torrent client for Android, use it if you want always love torrenting on your smartphone or tablet what you own. It’s official BitTorrent app provides you some easy ways to get access to torrent files on the web. You can easily search and download torrents straight to your Android device.

The app is very similar to the uTorrent, its remote control Android torrent client is also available, the usage is same as in uTorrent, simply make an account, then connect the account to your computer’s BitTorrent app and let the fun begin. This app is available for free currently and might be the BitTorrent team will take charges for future users, so download it as soon as possible if want a better but free torrent client for Android:


Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

The aTorrent is another torrent app available on the Play Store, there are both free and pro version, the free version just allows you to download torrent files to your Android device (support magnet links too) but it’s Ad-driven app. On the other hand the aTorrent pro version is ad-free and make torrent easier than the free version. The pro version lets you download big size torrents, it’s a full-featured torrent client for Android, it features a search dialog for searching your required torrents, you can the torrents directly from the browser even you can add torrents from files and select the download folder too. It features partial download (select files from torrent) and it download multiple files at equal speed, you can set the download limit over Wi-Fi and pause the download when you need (when the internet connection isn’t available), it support BitTorrent P2P, DHT, Advanced DHT Bootstrap, Magnet links, HTTP & UDP Trackers and for large size files, you can use download 4GB torrent file maximum to the FAT32 SD card but for internal storage space there’s no size limit. The aTorrent is most powerful torrent client for Android due impressive feature list, head over to below links for downloading it:

Torrent Engine

Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

The Torrent Engine app is a best torrent search engine for your Android device, you can also use this app to share files (MP3, movies, and all other files) on the internet, the app merges the search result in a list form that make your searching easier, it shows 20 links at once and improve the odds that you’re looking for.

The Torrent Engine is specific search engine for searching torrents over the air and share with others, if you love to share your favorites with your friends and family like me, must make a place on your Android device for this useful app, you can download Torrent Engine for free from the below link:

Download Torrent Engine for Android (link dead sadly) [Google Play Download Link]


Best Android Apps for Downloading Torrent Files

The TorrentToise is remote control for your Android device, you can easily control your computer torrent client from your Android smartphone or tablet via this useful Android app, the TorrentToise comes with an impressive feature list, the app support Transmission, uTorrent, rTorrent and BitTorrent 7 application. The TorrentToise allows you to manage your torrents, you can list them and advanced filters to see torrents you want to notice. The app provides you full detail about every torrent you’ve add on your computer torrent client, you can change the priority for every file too even have options to adjust the settings for both global and per-torrent. You can add new torrents from your phone, rss feeds and  directly from the web, the app supports magnet links. It’s free torrent remote control for Android:

Download TorrentToise for Android [Google Play Download Link]


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