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ESET Mobile Security – Give a New Life to Your Android

ESET Mobile Security is an elegant, user-friendly app and it gives the impression to function faultlessly. Alternatively, the option of monitoring your phone remotely by sMs adds a lot to the safety of the app, as it means that you are able to track and control your handset even if data is disconnected.

Important Features of this App

Main feature of this app, we’ll discuss ESET’s Anti-Virus abilities. We can say that the controls here are pretty instinctive, allowing the user to scan their entire device, or an exact folder, and view logs of previous scans, as well as access to a list of quarantined files. ESET’s filter also gives you a chance to make rules for certain numbers, and allows you to block certain relations as well. Let’s say the user is able to permit SMS messages but not MMS messages, or block incoming and outgoing calls at the same time. This app moreover keeps a handy log of spam that has been blocked.

ESET Mobile Security - Give a New Life to Your Android

ESET permits the user to find, lock, and wipe their device remotely via SMS command. Entirely SMS commands require a password to operate, making the commands secure. This app likewise receives a password reset command, but this will just work when sent from a number that is preapproved in the app. So, “Lock Function” locks the device, and just admits your ESET password to unlock. The wipe function is likewise much the same as other security apps’, wiping all data from your device remotely.

To end we come to ESET’s Security Audit feature, which is really a small group of feature put under one tab. The major of these is the real Security Audit, which takes note of your whole phone’s info and allowed features (Bluetooth, GPS, Carrier, and even free disk space and battery level) and makes approvals about all to make your device extra safe. ESET delivers a log of your security audits, and the last feature existing under the Security Audit tab is the task manager. We can say that this feature looks a bit unusable, as per it just delivers a list of apps, tasks, and services running at the moment, and permits you to near those which ESET deems safe to close.

Whereas ESET’s mobile security solution on behalf of Android is just coming, it’s previously a pretty strong app as well. One huge thing an online control panel, but SMS commands work suitably for securing your phone and its data as well. Extra thing this app can endure a data wipe and continue protecting your device. ESET is quiet its RC stage, and it is very probable that new features will be more as time developments.


It’s Free (for now) – Whereas ESET’s mobile security options for iOS and Symbian cost $30.00/year, the Android app is free, likely because it is only a release candidate and not the final app. This is likely to change, but until then it’s a nice free option.

Features – ESET has packed many unexpected and refreshing features into their Mobile Security app for Android. The addition of such things as Anti-Spam controls and a task killer are nice touches that make the app that much more practical.

Interface/Ease of Use – ESET is another brilliantly designed app, using an intuitive, easy-to-grasp system of navigation and control, and working just how you want/expect it to.


No Remote Control for Tablets – Since ESET is reliant on SMS commands; it does not have the ability to control tablets remotely.

No Root Presence – The app cannot be installed as a system app or embedded into root, so it will not survive if a crafty thief wipes your device.

Limited Controls for Lost/Stolen Devices – While locating, locking, and wiping are three of the most popular remote security features, and I’d like to see more advanced controls, especially if the app is to inherit the price tag of its iOS and Symbian counterparts.

Universally ESET Mobile Security for Android RC is a strong app from the get-go because we can say that it’s the part and parcel of your Android Phone.

You can download this app from here

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