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10 Amazing Android Puzzle Games to Enjoy Year 2014 Holidays

It is a matter of fact that the craze of playing the video games on the consoles, PC or hand devices is at the top in this techno world and the people like to enjoy them a lot. This is the basic reason that the demand of interest provoking games is always high among the public around the globe. The puzzle games are one of them that gives you both the enjoyment and mind enhancement. So here I come up with the review of 10 Amazing Android Puzzle Games to Enjoy Christmas, New Year 2014 Holidays in this article. Get the game of your choice and enjoy the Christmas & the Happy New Year.

1 – Krrish 3 Puzzle

Krrish 3 Puzzle

Enjoy the exiting movie game of Krrish 3 which is designed and developed for the users of Android Machine. You will disclose three mini games in it that are known as puzzle, Brick and memory games. The HD quality images are offered to you in the puzzle game where you have to join all the pieces in a correct way in order to complete the image. The Brick game is very simple and addictive in which your mission is to change the block to fit one another. While the memory game, you only need to tap the Krrish 3 photos for the sake of matching them with each other. All of these exclusive Krrish 3 games are free of charge.

Download Google Play Game Krrish 3 Puzzle

2 – Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

Take pleasure from solving the tremendous jigsaw puzzles anytime when you feel bored but on the go in particular. You will find the amazing puzzle solving experience which is exclusively made for the puzzle lovers of all ages in the game play of Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles. This fabulous Android game gives you the unique design which means no two pieces are the same shape that will keep the interest level always high. You will disclose a natural interface here which is very easy for you and thus this is a fun app for both the adults and kids. Hundreds of images are offered to you during the game play and you can utilize your own photos as well.

Download Google Play Game Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

3 – Unblock Me FREE

Unblock Me FREE

The Unlock Me app is basically a simple and addictive puzzle game in which your goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way for the intention of solving the puzzle. This royalty free Android game is well furnished with the 4 difficulty levels that range from Beginner to Expert from which you can select just according to your capability. You will get 5000 puzzles in total during the game play that’s worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged and maintain the interest. During the Challenge mode, all the puzzles contain the target of 3 stars to earn that include its replay value so that it will aid you to get all 3 stars in every puzzle in an easier & comfortable mode.

Download Google Play Game Unlock Me FREE

4 – Plumber


You will disclose the HD quality graphics during the interest provoking game play of Plumber Android app. Basically it is an easy to you game where your aim is to prevent a flood from happening. You have to turn the different pipe pieces by touching them and connect them together to form a complete pipe for this objective. After the creation of a complete pipe it will reduce the overall water levels and that’s why getting the job done. You will acquire the two exciting game modes here which are known as Challenge and Arcade. This game is available to you in the most popular languages of the world including Danish, Lithuanian, Latvian, Norwegian and Thai.

Download Google Play Game Plumber

5 – Ultimate Puzzle

Ultimate Puzzle

This Addictive, interesting and challenging game is offered to you free of cost in which your aim is to fill the board by dragging various kinds of shape blocks into the accurate place for the purpose of making a single larger shape. It seems very simple but bewares as there is only one correct solution for each level and the pieces which are offered to you can’t be rotated for this aim. This is a big game app because it is packed with more than 4000 FREE mind bending levels in which you will discover that every coming level has the increasing difficulty which will keep you busy all the time.

Download Google Play Ultimate Puzzle

6 – Puzzles with Matches

Puzzles with Matches

This is Good old matchstick puzzles that you may have already played in your early days but now you are able to recall your memories via this app. The game has simple rules as the game play shows you a figure from a few matches on the screen which is not in a perfect form. The mission of the players is to move, remove, or add some matches to get the job done and complete the picture. It sounds very easy but remembers that you cannot leave any matches unused. The images which you have to make are simple but some of them give you a tough time.

Download Google Play Puzzles with Matches

7 – One touch Drawing

One touch Drawing

The One touch Drawing app is a very easy but the interesting addictive puzzle which is provided to you free of cost and your mission is to try your level best to draw the given figures. Although it is a simple game but you are not allowed to draw the same line again. The app is well decorated with the lots of levels that will keep you busy and maintain the interest level always high. Get this out of the ordinary game and enjoy the hours of playing right on the screen of your Android.

Download Google Play One touch Drawing

8 – 4 Pics 1 Word

4 Pics 1 Word

The greatest hit game of 4 pics 1 word which has more than 100,000,000 users all over the world is now available to the Android Machine lovers. The rules are very simple as you have given 4 images that will combine makes a word and it is your duty to find out that. When you clear a level, the very next will automatically unlock for you. The users will find the countless puzzles which are sorted from easy to tricky and you will be amazed to know new puzzles are added continuously in order to provide you endless word fun.

Download Google Play 4 Pics 1 Word

9 – Can You Escape 2

Can You Escape 2

The users are offered the outstanding puzzles which they have to solve along with the finding of all the out of sight objects which they have to employ in the rooms for the aim of advancing to the next floor. This is an excellent game where you can challenge yourself in a fun and addictive mode. At the moment, you are offered 10 challenging rooms to play this thrilling game. This is a very edition of the marvelous Can you Escape game which is available to you free of charge.

Download Google Play Can You Escape 2

10 – Dhoom 3 X

Dhoom 3 X

The outstanding Amir Khan movie of Dhoom 3 now is available to you in the shape of this remarkable Android game. This is an exciting and the addictive games app that contains 3 superb mini games for you. Drag and move all the puzzle pieces to the right position in the puzzle game to complete and then you become able to go to the very next puzzle image. All of these images are offered to you in the HD quality. The 100 levels are given to you in the Brick game where you have to adjust the block to fit each other. The third one is the Memory game in which the players have to match the photos and Dhoom 3 HD wallpapers by tapping them.

Download Google Play Dhoom 3 X

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