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Top 7 Best Running Games for Android

The craze for games in smart phones has reached to the peak.  The biggest reason is that you do not have to spend hours unlike Xbox 360 or PS3. You will get the heightened and electrifying times of your life just by playing few minutes as it is easy to operate. Hence, you will naturally want to play extensively in your free time in order to remove your boredom and derive immense joy and happiness as well. The Google Play Store is flooded with various interesting and innovative games. They are synonymous with testing your skills and they indeed bind the interest of game lovers like never before. You can choose from endless games such as Angry Birds, Street Fighter, Infinity Blade and the list just goes on and on.

Following are Top 7 running games for Android which is free and interesting at the same time.

1.  Temple run

Temple run

Being an immensely popular, it is packed with heightened and action packed movements. It is primarily based on “running” since the protagonist needs to save himself from the evil demon monkeys. The situation unfolds with him stealing the cursed idol from temple and hence, he has to keep on running and bravely facing all sorts of challenges such as that of uneven land etc. In the process, he has to collect coins, buy power along with unlocking various new characters and doing other crazy, yet funny acts. Hence, the game has the potential of letting you enjoy like never before.

2. Subway Surf

Subway Surf

This is an interesting one – with its fast paced coin collection and various various characters to choose from, the Subway Surf is a very good way to kill your time. The Railway Guard is behind you and you have to get past him. Trains come from front and your job of painting the carts is very tiresome. Funny, entertaining and endless — the game is well worth trying.

3. Ninjump


The mail role in this game is indeed played by ninja who has to run upwards continuously so that he is successful in reaching to the top. However, it is not easy for him as he has to face all sorts of hurdles like squirrels, angry birds, enemy ninjas, bombs and stars. The player has to put a brave fight by downing three of his opponents. As he is successful in doing the same, his speed increases for a specific time and he also gets mega jump as a source of appreciation. However, he has to be extremely cautious while jumping from right side to left side and vice versa as there are irregular projections on wall.

4. The End App

The End App

The name of this game brings nothing but suspense.  The world is at its end due to the advent of a volcanic eruption. You have to escape the mighty and fierce mother nature. The main difference in this game as compared to the other games is its very fast gameplay — even from the beginning, you’ll have to face the speedy nature of the game. There are three modes in the game — The End Origins, The End Pro Zone and The End London apocalypse. All three are well made with lots of going on to the screen.

5. Crazy Grandpa

Crazy Grandpa

There’s no reason why he is running, actually Skateboarding, but it is fun, nevertheless. You have to collect Sushi and some gold coins in the way. The game also uses the Gyroscope sensor to control the side movements and you can swipe accordingly as you’ll also face some obstacles in the way like the Traffic, a fake air balloon and sewer holes. There is not that much to do in this game but making those high-scores is fun, anyway.

6. Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride

As the name suggests, you have a Jetpack and no matter what, you have to get to the end. Collect coins, buy upgrades and get e. whatever you do, just don’t touch the missiles or the electric wires otherwise the end game is over. The best thing about this game is the huge number of upgrades for Gadgets, Vehicles, Jetpacks and even Clothing. This game is a very good time killer if you don’t have anything to do.

7. Team Awesome

Team Awesome

As the name suggests, the game is awesome. Collect Diamonds (avoid the RED ones), play in different modes and get past the usual enemies — Robots and rats. You just need to time your hold on the screen and let the awesome guy fly all the way to the top.

This is an article written by Vikas bhatt from he writes about latest tutorials and technology news on the web.  Apart from this he loves writing about awesome Android related articles and applications.

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