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Keep you healthy sleep using Android Devices – Twilight Health App Review

Recent research shows that contact with blue light before sleep can distort the circadian rhythm and cause the inability to fall asleep, although ultra light is good for reading and playing games on smatphone, tablet or even laptop but not so good for sleeping. Looking at computers, tablets and Smartphone at night makes brain to think, it’s still daylight. Monitors produce blue white light that is similar to daylight. Modern studies have shown the people who use a tablet or a Smartphone for a couple of hours before bedtime may find their sleep delayed. This can play a big role with insomnia; using a mobile phone before going to bed people cannot sleep because the reason is Melanospin. This is a receptor sensitive to blue light that retrains Melatonin production.


Melatonin is the hormone that tells the brain to shut down and go to sleep, it regulates sleep and wake cycles of the human body. So it is clear that excessive use of mobile phones or tablets can be the cause behind sleeping disorder and many are suffering from this problem.

Technology can help to get a better sleep; modern technology has proved that there are many ways to help with this. Computers and Smartphone can help users to get better sleep if they use one of the following applications such as the Twilight Android app that comes handy in this case.

The TWILIGHT app makes device screen adapt to the time of the day. It has the ability to filter blue spectrum of phone or tablet after sunset and it protects the user’s eyes with a soft and lovely red filter. The filter intensity is efficiently adjusted to the sun cycle based on sunset and sunrise times. This free software uses the user’s Google map location to determine what time the sun sets in their area. As Twilight falls the software changes monitor color tint from normal blue light to subtle reddish orange. This software is really designed to prevent eye strain.

Keep you healthy sleep using Android Devices - Twilight Health App Review

This tiny app tint user’s screen along day and night, during the daytime screen looks unchanged but sunset approaches, it tints display with a warmer, less aggressive tone of white/yellow. It is much comfortable for users to look at their screen at night, when daylight chimes in; screen’s display is put back to a normal, default shade. Twilight is an Android app that automatically sets user’s device brightness over the course of the day, it reduces the harsh whites and blues as the day progresses. Twilight promises a good night’s sleep after spending time looking at mobile display. The application is really useful for those people having sleep disorders and finds it difficult to fall asleep. This app is also good for kids who are addicted in playing games with Android before going to asleep.


The application is free and can be downloaded from Google Play. The app size is 1.0m; it’s a tiny app with simple user interface. The product is a nice and innovative attempt, once users install it they can add their location and it will adjust to the natural light through the year. Users can adjust the color differences and intensity to reduce the effect, and also they can add a status bar which permits users toggle Twilight on and off if they need to do something after dark with natural light such clicking on photos , watching videos etc. It also includes pro setting that allows users to adjust how long the transition settings between color.


TWILIGHT app is designed to work unobtrusively in the background, the idea is users set it up once and never touch it again. To set it up users need to add their location, then the app calculate the time of sunrise and sunset where ever they are. Next users select the type of the light that they want their screens to replicate at night such as Tungsten, Fluorescent and Halogen or they can use their own custom value by adjusting the temperature sliders. They can also choose transition between the day and night settings.

Keep you healthy sleep using Android Devices - Twilight Health App Review


  • In summary TWILIGHT can
  • Reduce eye strain using computer, or tablet at night
  • Increase user’s productivity by letting them work late at night
  • Reduce stimulated wakefulness by minimizing the effect of blue light
  • Protects user’s eyes with a soft and pleasant red filter
  • Promises for a better sleep
  • Encourages healthy melatonin production
  • Harmonizes screen’s color temperature with the sun cycle


Twilight is a nice Android app that helps people to better sleep. It can sense the time of the day and adapt the device screen accordingly. It is a really good app and everyone should give a try to this new concept there are tons of apps but Twilight is one that reduces the output of blue light as it gets to bed time, overall it is a fine attempt. In short Twilight helps make using an Android device at night a little more healthy.

Download Twilight Health App [Play Store Link]

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