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Make and Create Ideas Virtually – Google Keep Android App Review

The mobile device is the best device to take notes because people prefer using online note taking applications. Users can search around the web and they can find best notes taking apps which are richer in usability and features to accommodate their needs. There are many note taking apps available in the market for Smartphones. Here are top ten note taking apps in no particular order such as Evertone, Catch Notes, Fetchnotes, Somnote, spring pad,, Microsoft Onenote, Google keep, Autonote and Awesome note.

GOOGLE KEEP app can be described as a web program for creating, saving and syncing notes. It has a basic note taking functionality and better search. It includes widget support, integration with voice command and quick checklists. GOOGLE KEEP is new note taking solution, it is lightweight and fast that helps to organize thoughts and keeps notes together. Using GOOGLE KEEP app users only need to insert the title and the note to create a new note. There is also a speech to text feature where they just need to tap on the microphone and dictate their notes for safekeeping. It has the ability to quickly capture what’s on the user’s mind and recall it easily wherever they are. It includes three basic features; title and body, the option to add photo and color tagging.


GOOGLE KEEP has a simple and user friendly interface. It is designed beautifully; whitespace creates airiness and a feeling of simplicity.

Make and Create Ideas Virtually - Google Keep Android App Review


As an extension of the drive it keeps allow users to take notes, photos, and recording and stores them. Users can use colors to coordinate the notes, rearrange them and display them in a nice widget. It includes two forms of notes: REGULAR NOTES and LISTS and both function as users expect.


A note is a free form text, that users can see, resizes the word based on the amount of writing in the note. The notes are also immediately and automatically sync to the web.


The major feature of GOOGLE KEEP is LISTS, It’s very easy to create lists in GOOGLE KEEP, and users can check things off without deleting them. it can be used for remembering things to get a market or to organize tasks. A list is itemized check list where users can actually cross the things off they don’t want while in other notes taking apps users can only add check boxes but cannot cross anything off.


GOOGLE KEEP also has the ability to create notes with voice commands ‘’NOTE TO SELF’’. It saves notes and audio files automatically without the user’s intervention. It gives users an ability to add photos to a note and in Android users can add a note by voice. Where it can syncs to all GOOGLE stuff and becomes available online.


Archiving an old note is alternative to deleting it; GOOGLE KEEP app keeps everything because users never know when they will need it. Users just type one or two words, and any note with that word appears. The archive notes section does not appear on the main page, users have to go to the archive note section to search them.


Without any tags, folders or notebooks organize notes, it’s difficult to imagine, GOOGLE KEEP app includes an amazing feature’’ COLOR CODING ‘that helps users to prioritize things. When users choose to add color to a note, the color does not appear on the note while it’s being edited. Users can only see the color after adding a note.


Users can use pictures of things to serve as a reminder or safe keep of handwritten notes, users also like the way it handles the images. GOOGLE KEEP app displays the image at the top in the top area of the note and combines photo together if they have more than one. Users can simply tap on a picture to view it in its entirety. Under the area users have a normal note area with title and text, so they can annotate, transcribe or add more details to their photos.


Everything users create with KEEP syncs effortlessly between the Android apps and on the web at GOOGLE drive. GOOGLE KEEP even works offline, so users can access their notes or create new notes even if they don’t have an internet connection. But they can insert a snap photo when they are offline. Another restriction is that new notes are not uploaded in the background when they are back online, so they need to open the app.

Make and Create Ideas Virtually - Google Keep Android App Review


GOOGLE KEEP APP is very simple and intelligent app; there are tons of ways to use the app. In short, GOOGLE KEEP makes notes taking incredibly easy. It creates a checklist, enters a voice note and annotates it as well. It helps to stay organized and has become part of day to day routine. It is a nice Android app that integrates well on the web. GOOGLE KEEP is available online and through an Android app, both iterations are free.

Download Google Keep for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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