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Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

So you just have bought a new Android device and looking for some new apps that are essential for your newly purchased Android phone, well, no doubt, the Google Play Store is flooded with a lot of apps, so it’s bit difficult to look some must have apps , here we feature some of best and must have Android apps for your newly purchased smartphone and tablet.

These Android apps will make your life a bit easier than before because they are best to beat the stock and make your able to do anything easily with your smartphone and tablet, mostly people buy Android devices because they can do everything they need in a beautiful style using a few apps, but how, Android devices come with just a few apps that aren’t enough to get things done, here’s apps that you should try first, there millions of apps to that you can install, normally people select just a few popular of them, here’s the next step to do.

Check the below list to bump up a better interface for your just purchased Android smartphone and tablet and give feedback.

Dolphin Browser

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

Dolphin is one of fastest web browser for your Android that is even pretty easy to use too, the browser gives a great experience with some fun. Gestures and sidebars are quite impressive, the Dolphin browser seems to designed especially for touchscreen devices.

The Dolphin Browser feature impressive handy tools, it can listen your voice, connects you with your favorite social networks, you can make your own gesture symbol, you can install add-ons for easy access, there’s no adds on page loading, there’s no disturbing toggling screen you can use tabbed browsing for easy access to switch other pages, and more.

The Dolphin is the browser that can beat the stock app, it’s a easy way to make web browsing trouble-free as it’s not limited to just URL bar you can also add add-ons (shortcuts) to open up your favorite pages fast and it’s free:

Download Dolphin Browser for Android [Google Play Store Link]


Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

If you’re looking for a best and easy solution to manage your money, the Mint is the place where you should start first, it’s really handy banking and budget app even you can say it a personal finance assistant.

The Mint app lets you gather your all personal finance accounts at one place that is helpful to manage the money from anywhere you want, you can track your expenses at one place using Mint even it lets you make a budget to save your money. The Mint categorize all your transactions automatically, there’s also a graph and chart to take a quick look at your spending. The Mint app features ability to check finances offline, it also informs through emails and text for upcoming bills, fees, low balances and more.

You can do everything easily, all you need to do is that sign up for free with, it will secularly connect your accounts and automatically organize everything. The app is safe as you can set a password for the app, even if you accidently lost the device, you can deactivate the app through You can view the information from anywhere using the account. Get the app for free from the below link:

Download Mint for Android [Google Play Store Link]

VLC Media Player

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

A while ago I was looking for a media player that supports all audio and video formats and I saw the VLC media player and become a biggest fan. No doubt there a lot of media players are available in the market but the VLC is really a best media player that supports almost every format you play. It’s open source media player that is suitable for both – online streaming and offline streaming. The VLC  is one of best resource to beat the stock media player.

The VLC offers intuitive interface, the Android version also support auto-rotation, aspect-ratio adjustments and gestures to control volume and brightness. There are widgets to control the media player rapidly.

The VLC is full-featured media player for your Android device but it’s also important to note that VLC team said that Android VLC version is still under beta but ready for use, it might not be fully stable on all Android devices, however we hope that the VLC team will release a stable version soon in near future on the Play Store:

Download VLC Media Player for Android [Google Play Store Link]

WhatsApp Messenger

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

WhatsApp Messenger is a must have Android app for those of you who love to chat with their friends and family through SMS, it’s cross-platform app as it’s also available for Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry and Nokida phone, the app uses the 3G and Wi-Fi to message for free. You can send, receive anything you want for free such as message, photos, audio and videos messages, however keep  in mind that your friends also need to install this app as you can just chat for free through WhatsApp Messenger to WhatsApp Messenger.

The WhatsApp isn’t limited to just two person chat but you can also make a group conversation with your friends and family, you no need to use any PIN or Username, the app works with the phone number even you no need to login and logout because the app is always logged in and connected.

There’s a lot more to share with others such as location, contacts, etc. The WhatsApp Messenger is free messaging app but it will cost $0.99 after a year, there’s no other hidden charging even no international charges, the first year is free then you’ll have to pay $0.99 per year:

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Android [Google Play Store Link]


Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

The Evernote is your personal assistant to remember important things and to take notes, the Evernote is really easy to use app to remember anything you want even across all your devices, this app can take notes, capture photos, make to-do lists, record voice and more even everything is fully searchable easily.

The Evernote app is packed with impressive feature list such as business notes, ability to share files though email, facebook and twitter, search inside the text inside photos, tag notes, email notes, save tweets to your Evernote account, ability to connect with other apps, and more. There are some premium features too like you can take notebooks offline to access them anytime, allow other to view and edit your notes, and add PIN to the app.

The Evernote is one of best app to remember things and to take important notes, download the app for free from the below link:

Download Evernote for Android [Google Play Store Link]

ASTRO File Manager/Browser

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

Everything should organized in a proper manner and ASTRO is one of best file manager to organize files on Android devices, ASTRO is top-rated Android app because it makes file managing really easy. You can manage and browse all your pictures, music, videos or documents on your Android device even you can connect the app with many cloud services like Facebook Photo Albums, Dropbox, Google Drive, SkyDrive. The app features easy to use interface, swipe screen right to get to Clouds, Network Locations or Saved Searches fast and swipe screen left to get other tools.

There are a lot of handy features that force us to try the ASTRO file manager app like the main feature I like the most is that you can stop processes that burn battery life and backup your apps when you lose or change phones. It also feature image and text viewing, networking, Bluetooth, SFTP, Zip/ Tar, downloader, thumbnails, task manager, and more.

The Astro is all-in-one package to manage and browse almost everything on your Android device and it’s free:

Download ASTRO File Manager/Browser for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Wallbase HD Wallpapers

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

Wallbase is one of most popular blog over internet to get HD wallpapers of any kind for different devices and this is official app for your Android device. The blog includes wallpapers of different categories so you’re able to use your favorite wallpapers you want.

There are up to one million wallpapers to browse and try, even you can browse popular wallpapers random wallpapers, popular tags and keyword/tags/color. You can also filter wallpapers by resolution of your Android device.

Keep in mind that the app is of high maturity, don’t try if think you will be offended even there’s no NSFW category due to Android’s no porn policy. You can download the Wallbase HD wallpapers app for Android for free from the below link:

Download Wallbase HD Wallpapers for Android [Google Play Store Link]

GO Launcher EX

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

The Go launcher is one of best home app to make your Android home screen gorgeous, the app lets you customize almost the every aspect of your home screen, there are so many fancy and plentiful themes to try, you can utilize functions with imagination.

The launcher feature very smooth transition animation, flipping operation, impressive custom gestures, many GO widgets (weather, switcher, calendar), and more. You can draw patterns to active apps and drag and swinging icon upward to delete icon or widget. Customize the home screen of your Android device depending on your personal choice, head over to the below link to download the app for free:

Download GO Launcher EX for Android


Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

The app drawer now doesn’t seems complete without the Instagram app as it has become a most popular and easy way to share photos with other even with gorgeous effects that give an eye-catching look to your photos. The Instgram app lets you share your all moments with everyone in a simple photo stream.

Instagram has become an interesting social network that is especially designed for photos while you can also connect your other social networks account (Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr, and Foursquare) to the app to share your photos anywhere you want, there are so many custom filters and borders, lux to get detail about photos, interact with others using comments and more.

So if you’re guy who love to act with friends and family, who love to share lovely moments to the world through photos or love to save memories through photos, must give it a try, download the instgram for free from the below link:

Download Instagram for Android [Google Play Store Link]



Do love to read articles on your Android device? Well! The Pocket is a handy app that you should try on your Android device, the pocket app lets you save and view articles, videos and more for later reading. You often find something on the web that you think you should view but due to the lake of time, you don’t can’t do so but if you own the Pocket app, simply put it in the Pocket, this app syncs automatically even without an internet connection.

The Pocket app offers a beautiful layout for your articles, videos and other things, you have option to save anything from other apps easily, when you find anything interesting, simply tap on “add to pocket”. It’s time saving app that lets you get rid of search history to get your favorite articles, videos and more.

It was paid app first but it’s free, get it from the below link, happy saving:

Download Pocket for Android [Google Play Store Link]

SwiftKey 3 Keyboard

Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

If your phone keyboard isn’t pretty handy for you, worry not because there are a lot of keyboards on the Google Play store, other markets are also flooded with keyboards and SwiftKey 3 is one best keyboard that you can come up with.

It’s smartest keyboard for touchscreen devices, it’s worthy to try because of many handy features like the keyboard understand how words work together that can be used to get much more accurate corrections and predictions than other keyboards. The app cover if you miss spaces during typing even predicts your next words.

This keyboard can be personalized with your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or blog posts, so if you often type a article on your Android device or if your device keyboard looks rotten and you want to get rid of it, head over to the below link to download the SwiftKey 3 for Android, it costs $4.29, you may also try a free trail first here:

Download SwiftKey 3 Keyboard for Android [Google Play Store Link]


Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

Those who love hangouts, spending money and exploring new places like restaurants and hotels and cafes, this is the application just for you. The best thing about it is that it is absolutely free. You can fine all restaurants reviews and ratings on this application. Through this application you can also know about what is new in the town. It includes the 35,000 restaurants reviews. Also, which includes the places in London?There is only one requirement for this application and that is membership of google+ which is easy. So go for it hangout lovers.

Download Zagat for Android [Google Play Store Link]


Must Have Apps for Newly Purchased Android Smartphone and Tablet

I don’t think that I should introduce the Dropbox app to you because it’s really a best storage space that almost everyone wants to try, the Dropbox can be used to store your photos, documents, and videos online to make them available anywhere you’re even you can access them on all devices by logging in to your Dropbox account.

The interface is pretty simple and beautiful too, the Android app is packed with many handy features, you can upload anything directly even can save email attachments straight to Dropbox and can share everything with your friends and family, the app offers 5GB of free storage space, get it now to have your stuff anywhere on any device;

Download Dropbox for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Something more to try

Of course there are a lot of other apps that you need to make your life trouble-free, so you if you’re looking for some more apps, you may check our Android apps gallery here to get some more gorgeous apps even select the app from your favorite category.

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