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Nourish your IQ Level using Android Devices – IQ Test App Review

IQ can be described as a measurement of a person‘s intelligence and it is shown in the form of numbers or scores. An intelligence quotient expresses a person’s mental abilities relative to other approximately the same age. Everyone has different mental abilities and a person’s IQ level can be calculated by having the person’s intelligence test.

IQ tests are generally designed to measure people’s capacity to solve the problems and understand concepts. There are many kinds of IQ TEST use a variety of techniques; some of them are visual whereas others focus on mathematics, reading, vocabulary or general knowledge. IQ test uses a standardized scale with 100 as the median score. If users take a score more than 100 than they are smarter than the average person and the lower scores mean that they are less smart.

The aim of intelligence tests is to achieve the idea of the person’s intellectual potential. When performing an intelligence test, a person can expect to do multiple tasks. These tasks consist a number of questions that are asked verbally, solving mathematical problems, and doing a wide range of task, these tasks need hand and eye coordination of the person. These tasks may be timed and require the person to perform as quickly as possible. Intelligent test are exceptional predictors of intellectual achievements and present an outline of a person’s mental strength and power as well. For this purpose APP store provides IQ test apps that users can easily download on their Android devices such as IQ TEST KNOW YOUR IQ.

IQ TEST KNOW YOUR IQ is an excellent Android app to measure user’s IQ, if users want to know about their IQ level then this application is for them. This application calculates user’s IQ and allows users to know the vigor of their own mind. Using the app users can check their IQ and they can tell the world how smart and genius they are.

The test is completely consistent with the universal standards of IQ testing. It offers users to give answers of 50 questions with a limited time. Get their IQ calculated and they can share it with their friends or with anyone via Facebook, Twitter and other social sharing services as well. It contains 40 questions and there is only one accurate answer to each question. It does not include any negative points or scores for wrong answers but users get only 40 minutes to solve the test. Users should be in good psychophysical condition when they attempt the test. Users can get their IQ level after they have finished all the questions.

Nourish your IQ Level using Android Devices - IQ Test App Review


The IQ TEST KNOW YOUR IQ app is very easy to use and very practical at the same time. It has a sleek user interface that allows users to choose from possible answers, users do not need to press too many buttons. The labels are added to the buttons in the main menu so users can easily understand these buttons well. The app is very interactive and requires minimum user input. The translation system is added so users can contribute translation to improve user experience as well.


A summary of each teat shows at the end of the each test, it shows that time that users takes, the scores they get and which questions they have answered correctly and where they were wrong, explanation for almost every question.


The app tracks user’s progress as they start participating, it shows beautiful animated bar chart so users can track their weak areas and they can retry the questions which they answered incorrectly.


  • User friendly interface
  • Variety of Multiple questions set developed by experts
  • Calculates user’s IQ
  • Suitable for all group ages
  • Cool sound effects
  • Optimized interface for all screen sizes
  • Countdown timer
  • Contains buttons on each page for user convenience
  • Features to flag the question for further review
  • Built in sharing through Facebook
  • The possibility to select an age group
  • Added translation system
  • Performance improvements

Nourish your IQ Level using Android Devices - IQ Test App Review


Overall this is a very good app for Android and better than any other IQ tests available. It is definitely worth spending 40 minutes of time and suitable for all group ages. It includes a clean and detailed questionnaire and user friendly operations. This app is fun and really makes users think that it is cool to just have this app on their phones.

Download IQ Test for Android [Play Store Link]

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