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Share your Precious Moments Across your favorite Social Networks – WeVideo App Review

Taking videos and pictures is an easy task, especially with digital devices, that it does not take long to build up a lot of footage, instead of keeping videos and photos on a memory card on a computer, users can create polished movies and slideshows to show their friends, family and colleagues. There is always a passion for videos and every one want to create their own videos. Whether they want to trim the video, add a soundtrack or captions, or want to apply transition or special effects. There are some great free tools available in the market for PC and as well as Smartphone and the work becomes so easy with these tools. Here are some beast video editing apps for Android devices such as Magisto, Isuper8, socialcam, YouTube capture, Viddy, Cutecut, We video and more.

Video editor helps users to add music to their videos and they can also add audio voice-over. Once users finish creating a great video, they can share their masterpiece with friends in many ways such as Facebook, Twitter and other social networks as well.


Share your Precious Moments Across your favorite Social Networks - WeVideo App Review

WEVIDEO is an online editing tool that helps compelling stories and shares them with friends and family. WEVIDEO is very handy online video editor that helps to make editing videos a very simple task. Users can upload videos from their computers or import them as well and select the editing mode depending on their experience. As more and more people are using their smartphones for both pictures and videos, an app like this is a must have. It makes video editing easy for everyone and accessible from anywhere as well. Online video is the most successful way to engage customers, increase brand recognition and drive website conversation as well.


To start video editing using WEVIDEO application users need to sign up for an account. Once users open the app, it also gives them an opportunity to create an account Facebook, Gmail or yahoo and which is quite simple. They need this account because WEVIDEO saves their projects at their website. Users can upload videos from the desktop; import them from Facebook and other cloud services such as Google Drive, Dropbox, Facebook, Picasa, Instagram and Flickr. Users can select any service where they have the video and permit WEVIDEO to access that account. Once done it shows all the files that are saved on their cloud storage service. Just click the file that users want to upload and it appears under the Media tab. The uploading time of a file depends on a file size; just make sure it is not too large, as the application only gives 5GB storage in a free plan.


When users click on create video button from their dashboard they are directed to WEVIDEO editor. After launching the application for the first time, it asks to select the editing mode; it includes three editing modes such as Storyboard, Timeline and Advanced Timeline.


STORYBOARD is created for absolute beginners who have no idea about video editing. Users cannot see the transition effects and graphics in the StoryBoard.


TIMELINE is an editing mode for those who have little experience about video editing.


And lastly ADVANCED TIMELINE is for video editing professionals. It is intended for advanced users who have previous experience with video editing.


The uploaded videos also appear in the editor under Video section. In the left side bar, it shows all the effects and media files that users can use in their videos such as audio files, images, transition effects, text, etc. To get started select the timeline mode and click the Video tab. It shows the uploaded video files, simply drag and drop in the first timeline. The reason selecting the Timeline is it shows all the features it includes.


Users can trim the videos using the scissor tool that is located under the preview window, just move the red line makes selections and click on the scissor icon.


Clicking on Transition Tab and users can check the effects that are offered by the service. To use them just select the effect that they want to use and drag it in the second timeline.


Clicking on Graphic Tab users can view all the graphic effects which they can use in their videos. Just drag and drop the selected graphics on the timeline where they want to appear it and add the text as well.


It offers users to invite other people to collaborate on their projects from their dashboard. After finishing editing the videos users can easily save and publish videos online. They can easily upload the videos to the cloud storage account as well as publish it to the video sharing websites such as YouTube and Vimeo.


WEVIDEO offers users with paid plans, the paid plans offer users with more features and storage. There are no watermarks on the video as well.


Over all WEVIDEO is a simple and easy to use video editor, it is so simple even in the Timeline view. The best thing about this editor that users can import and export videos. Users can also use it to create professional presentations.

Download WeVideo for Android [Play Store Link]

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