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Social Vibrant Android Phone Homescreen – Facebook Home App Review

Facebook Home is a simple but beautiful Android home launcher app to spend an easy Facebook social life to stay tuned with your friends and family.

Introduction: Vibrant Android Phone Homescreen

Mobile operating systems are popular worldwide! In this race of mobiles many companies introduced their gadgets and application to meet the current era requirements. Android is also listed on the as an operating system. Up till now it has preluded innumerable applications that are being utilized by the people of all over the world. During the last couple of increments has been overwhelmed the mantle of the most mature mobile platform through iOS. The most significant thing that made Android worldwide popular is its extreme customizability. What more users expect from this capability as compare to the massive array of homescreen and launchers are available in the market. Here are many developers who have covered launchers on several levels in the previous era, rather the playing places has modified incredibly quickly in the previous year or so. Right now some recent customization apps have been introduced. Here we will review the Facebook Home for Android.

Social Vibrant Android Phone Homescreen - Facebook Home App Review

Facebook Home Launcher App

Facebook is an interesting way that puts all communities and their friends at the heart of the phone. Now it is easy for you to replace your standard home screen with anything as you want either photos screen or looking to stream up friend posts. Now you can avail this app with one swipe just sketch out your favorite pic and drag it on your profile to unlock an app launcher. After downloading Facebook messenger you are allowed to do unlimited chatting with your friends and beloved as well. Home is now available on specific devices like HTC One X+, HTC One X, Samsung Galaxy S III, and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

Some things you Must Know

  • Get right to Facebook other necessary things and instagram
  • Do chat with Facebook messenger and heads and also can use some other chatting apps to talk with your friends.
  • Get the latest news with huge and bolder notifications
  • See on your phone to watch out the latest posts and photos of your friends

Social Vibrant Android Phone Homescreen - Facebook Home App Review

Four Graciously Strong Benefits of the Facebook Homescreen Launcher App

The Facebook’s events are concerned about the latest “Home on Android” and that’s what the homescreen delivers to people. It covers up the most amazing features and gives users a tremendous experience.

  • Cover feed Is Actually People

The concept and design of Facebook is derived with a consideration as people usage. The home actually begins with Cover feed Screen that features people as well as connections. It shows up users’ social feed in a style that stresses upon one thing in a single moment with complete comments, screen images and the updates that permits you actually zero in on what your contact are working.

  • Chat heads Is Like iMessage On Steroids

Every one loves to do chating and use different platforms. Though chat heads is very rough name yet in practice it seems very amazing. Users have a running conversation that moves from one app to another and might deploy Facebook’s own messenger product phone’s creates built-in-SMS to conversate. If you are user then you will not feel a huge difference between apps because the conversation is overlaid on whatever isn’t being dramatically horrible. This is exclusively smart to chat through mobile phones. Now here are different apps available like what’s app and viber and Line as well.

  • Updates Every Month

Facebook has vowed its users’ to update Facebook home monthly that’s touted as a source to make certain that users have the awareness as when to know the latest features and service improvements. This is on the other hand a tiny thing in this niche is a commitment that is excellent as compare to the proffer in terms of guaranteed updates incoming.

  • Notifications

Stock Android has lost the robust notification system that the home of Facebook refines in real words. The Facebook gives all the notifications and proper text content upon your Cover feed showing off notifications not only from Facebook itself from the relevant Android apps as well. It has improved a lot over a blinking light and stats bar icons users can actually react upon the content as it appears. The smart phones have demonstrated the changing of applications. This app is much different as compared to its past.

So you’re itching to experience the Facebook Homscreen right on your Android device? Head over to below link to download the Facebook Home for Android:

Download Facebook Home for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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