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Start Shopping in Smarter and Rewarding Way – Wish: Shopping Made Fun App Review

WISH can be explained as a shopping application that gives users an entertaining shopping experience and makes shopping a fun. It is personalized shopping platform that contains personalized catalogues of more than 1 million products. WISH app allows users to buy their favorite things with a single click. They can share their Wishlists with their friends and family to give them an idea in the right direction for their next gift. WISH allows users to add their favorite items in their whislists every time when they add an item to the list the app automatically shows more things of their interest which makes this app versatile. On the other hand WISH app permits shopkeepers to sell their products through this platform. Users can buy great products they love and unlock special rewards.WISH app allows users to add good products; it does not support inappropriate content. This app has the ability to send personalized offers to the users and helps them find items that match up with their tastes, which is a great way to discover products.


Using WISH app user need to create an account, to register an account they go to the sources tab where they enter their contact details, email address and password. Users can login through their Facebook account that helps to personalize their experience and allows the app to better recommend interesting products to add to their whislists. Using Facebook account user can login immediately.


It is presented in a smooth user interface and lots of ways to search for products and offers that are of interest of users. The user interface is extremely sophisticated and it has a really well structured design and responsive navigation and is a pleasure to use. So there should be no problem to figure out the things.


WISH app gives a detailed profile on each and every product, it tells users how well the product fits to their personal taste, how popular it is among their friends, if it is now in trend or not and what other users of similar item feel about it. That helps users in selecting a product for them in short time without any effort.


After creating an account the app allows users to mark all the items they like and add them to their Wishlists. There are optional entries for its description and a link. User can also add a photo with their item and mark them as a favorite. With the Wishlist feature users can select items as a gift idea and share their wishlists with their friends, family and others. Wishlist can sort any item by fields like category, priority or price. Users can keep track of their purchased items for an overview of their spending in the past. All the Wishlists are automatically saved on user profiles.


Users can discover amazing goods and offers using the app. They can share their favorite products with their friends, family through Facebook, Twitter or through the WISH community as well. Users can also check the regularly updated list of products, it’s just not only understands which products are quality products but also analyzes that which items match to a user’s unique personal taste.


WISH app permits users to remove any item from their Whislists with a single clicking on the’’ UNWISH TAB’’ which is located on the corner of the product image. Users tap and hold on the product until a red check mark appears. Users select the ‘’Hide’’ option from the bottom of the screen and it removes the product from the Wishlist. To add a product back to a Wishlist, users just need to go to the product page and add it again. User can edit their title, photo, description and tags on any item they have uploaded. Users can also delete any product which they have uploaded accidently using ‘’Report Product’’ option below the product’s image.


The app includes an amazing feature that is called ‘’CONTACT SELLER’’. Users can use this feature for

  • Cancelling an order
  • Removing an item from an order
  • Changing user’s shipping orders
  • Inquiring about the current status of the order
  • Reporting defective, damaged or missing item from the order

Start Shopping in Smarter and Rewarding Way - Wish: Shopping Made Fun App Review



WISH is simple and easy to use shopping application. It is a best discovery tool for users in the market; it is a best way to find products and buy them without wasting time. WISH makes shopping fun, quick and easy.

Download Wish for Android [Play Store Link]

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