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Stunning Launcher App that turns your phone into a Dynamic Phone – Home Review

Android as a mobile operating system has grown tremendously in popularity. One thing that has made Android so popular is the extreme customizability. Android operating system in smatphones offers users with a number of options that permits users to customize their home screens and one such item is an Android launcher app that helps users to change the look and feel of their home screens. The Google play store offers variety of apps which allow users to customize and personalize their Android devices like they were never before. The Android launcher apps come with several advantages for smartphones users. Using Android launcher apps users can transform their Smartphones into dynamic phone. There are tons of launcherapps such as QQLauncher, Apex Launcher, Go Launcher, Everything. Me home and more.


  • Themes
  • Changing graphics and icons
  • Different app drawer layout
  • Gestures
  • Customized widget

There is a wide range of launcher apps that alter the experience and look of the Android phone. EVERTHING.ME is a new entry in the market and it is designed to modify the appearance and functionality according to the needs of the people. EVERYTHING.ME is an android launcher app that makes Smartphone exciting; it turns a mobile phone into a dynamic phone. It searches for specific content across both native and mobile apps. It basically makes apps appear that are relevant to user’s request, from there users can download relevant content and applications.

EVERYTHING.ME is the new way of people to interact with their mobile devices and the ultimate tool for any Android phone. It gets what a user wants and immediately modifies to get what users have in their minds. It has the ability to use voice commands, particularly of the search terms that give over the phone to turn the home into a center of Android quick access to all the resources that relate to the subject being searched.



The amazing aspect of this app is the star feature which is called ‘’what’s on your mind section’’ at the top of the home screen. This feature instantly shows the result for example user types a single letter in this section and gets pretty good results no matters if it is about games, restaurants, music and more.


It helps users to create a customized experience on their Android devices. It is a fantastic app that has the potential to give the user’s phone a nice make over. It is a replacement app that is innovative and original and very slick indeed. The app dynamically changes the way users use their device and simplifies user’s interaction into keywords. For example if the user types a word into the search bar, instantly the home screen transforms into heavily themed ‘music’ launch features.


Understanding internet Smartphones is not an easy thing. They might be powerful like a computer but they really do not understand users. If they are too smart then users do not need to work hard to search for relevant content when they need it. Using EVERTHING.ME launcher users only have to do is just enter whatever is on their mind. Users usually type one or two words; it understands and gets it for them instantly.


Things are simpler with EVERTHING.ME launcher, from get-go, it provides every app that users need, native or web.


EVERTHING.ME launcher app is smarter , so smart, in fact, that it asks other apps for the content the users are looking for. For example if someone is shopping for a new camera, just enter the name of the camera and all the relevant shopping apps appear. Users can click right away on any app and it opens right away onto the content they want.


EVERTHING.ME is an interesting and a different new launcher app for Android devices. This launcher app starts with various smart folders that it has been created for users. It makes it relatively easy for users to import apps widgets for users. Organizing and managing apps are a logistic and technical challenge. Apps demand great attention But dynamic phone works for users, it has pre loaded smart folders full of apps they use all the time such as news, social, music, games and more. Every folder is instantly ready to use dynamically updated.


Another advantage of this android launcher that it does not cost anything, users can download a free version of the launcher anytime and anywhere. Simply go to the Android market download it from there. At that point users will be able to customize their home screens without dropping a dollar.


EVRTHING.ME launcher is easy to use; users do not need any technical skills to get the job done. Anyone can download it easily and start using it immediately.

Stunning Launcher App that turns your phone into a Dynamic Phone - Home Review


EVERTHING.ME BETA is really something else; there are tons of home screen launchers in the App store but EVRTHING.ME stands out significantly different. EVERYTHING .ME BETA launcher app adapts to whatever mood users tell they are in if the type Hungry, Racing games, Madonna it offers up a selection of apps, web shortcuts and even links to suitable apps in the play store.

Download for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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