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The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

The world is changing rapidly. With all the new terms coming up covering all the facets of a common man’s life, has now enabled people to get so much from the virtual world, where they go. With the explosion of endless possibilities in the tech world, the Smartphone’s have risen themselves as the best one a person can possibly imagine to have for solving their day-to-day issues with much efficiency. That’s why the Android phone market has lavishly covered itself with countless apps which can help many individuals in numerous ways, whether it is about health issues, relationships or parenting. The next part of the whole article will be provided with the best apps for all the fathers so that they can enhance their parenting skill according to their crucial and sensitive role in the development and nurture the loving young’s. These apps are proving to be the best apps for fathers that are being downloaded hugely all around the world.

The following ten android applications have gained much popularity among the dads who really wish to be better and successful in terms of their commitment of the beautiful relation.

Life 360

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

The first application to be listed here is offering you the feature of being in contact with all the family members via android phone. You can be in touch with them everywhere  and the person can also figure out about the locations of the family members too. So what? Well, it’s not just about finding and locating the position of your loved ones, but if they are to get some imminent danger, then the person can intimate the nearest possible aid facility for them like hospitals, emergency centers, fire stations etc.
Moreover, the family members can also utilize the brilliant option of panic button  which will help them to send an email or SMS to others so that they can know about the position, through GPS. Also if the person needs to convey the message to their family that they are out of danger and secure, they can simply send in just a touch.

This application is designed peculiarly for the possible emergencies or even natural disasters. The Life 360 is one such app which would make you feel secure where you go and makes you connected with your loved ones always and especially when you might be needing them the most.

Download Life 360 for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Cozi Family Organizer

The Best Android Apps For Fathers - Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

There are many people out there who are not really familiar with the Cozi Family Organizer App and what actually it can do for them. It is basically an android application designed to enable family members to connect via a group calendar to have a to do list, it’s like a family notebook or journal in which they share their activities all through the day. It is a great tool for families facing a busy lifestyle. This app is available for the Android users who can have the benefit from this wonderful app right from their phone.

Download Cozi Family Organizer for Android [Google Play Store Link]

PageOnce Pro Money and Bills

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Need to have some organizer to maintain your pocket for you? Well, there is a good news for all the fathers who want to be smarter and pocket savvy too. This is the app to maintain all the bills and accounts in just one touch. The PageOnce Pro Money and Bills will make the busy life of a father much easier by taking care about all the necessary information for their investments, the track records, frequent flyer accounts and it is capable to maintain all the monthly budget which is a big deal for fathers. From this app, all the dads can maintain and compute their financial data.

Download PageOnce Pro Money and Bills for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Nest Egg Estimator

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Now something more curious. Dads who always feel dubious about their income or future generations, can utilize the Nest Egg Estimator. This app will help them to predict their upcoming income and how much they are going to have expenses and what outcomes would happen in their savings as well as in their investments.

It is an app designed awesomely to maintain all the fiscal programming of a family even a father can plan for their retirement plan as well. The father can also go for various scenarios that would help them to assume their earnings in a better and realistic way so that they can have a better plan for their family’s monetary future.

Download Nest Egg Estimator for Android [Google Play Store Link]

iStory Books

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Miss some bedtime stories when your child needs to hear from you? Not to worry anymore, as the  android phone is going to help many fathers to reduce their child with amazing and super interesting stories for the kids. Through iStroy Books, the father would be able to have numerous stories of animals in fairy tales and educational as well. The android phone can be used effectively to make the kids happy too.

Download iStory Books for Android [Official Website Link]

Landscape and Garden Calculators

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Have some fresh green idea now. For all those super dads who enjoy mending their gardens green with their kids, would love to have this app on their Android phones. The Landscape and Garden Calculators will help them in estimating the necessary materials for gardening, how much space should be given in between plants and how much fertilizers must be used, all these estimations are made easier with this app. Even the gardener dad can have the idea about the amount of soil needing for the better gardening!

Download Landscape and Garden Calculators for Android [Google Play Store Link]

New Dad – Pregnancy for Dads

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

A crucial stage in a life of a dad is when he is going to become one soon, and especially for the first time in their lives. The New Dad-Pregnancy for Dads is an application specially designed for the dads so that they can have a good approach and experience during the pregnancy. The father can track the growth and differentiation development phases of his baby and lets him know how he can take care of his wife during different stages and also this app will make him more empowered in keeping her happy all the time.

This application has been proven a great help for the prospect fathers in terms of their learning about the fresh new chapter of their lives. They can be better prepared for the fatherhood and can be a good husband as well for their wives in the most sensitive time of their lives when they need their husbands the most. The app will generate many tips and advices for the future fathers so that would not fail in the crucial time of their relationship.

Download New Dad for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Sports Tap

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Time for dads to have some fun too. The Sports Tap will entice the fathers to get their favorite sports tracked and their scores too. May it be the golf, soccer or racing, all the favorite sports can be tracked with many other interesting options all in one application for the Android phone.

The fathers can have their up to date alerts also for the favorite game teams as well. The schedules, the scores along with some serious analysis of sports experts are also the part of this single app. It has become a great hit for the dads to have their fun time with sports, exactly  the way they wanted.

Download Sports Tap for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Toddler Lock

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Sometimes dads get worried and stuck when they couldn’t help their children to pacify with their angry nature or fussiness. This app is designed for those poor dads who are unable to figure out how to restore their fussy child’s peace. The Toddler Lock is loaded with some interesting colorful patterns, and designs with the touch lock system so that child can’t make any calls but can enjoy the whole lot of the app. The interesting moving shapes will keep the messy kid involved in the colorful world of shapes for quite a longer period of time.

Download Toddler Lock for Android [App Brain Link]

Out of Milk Shopping List

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

All the fathers have many big responsibilities. They all work to make things better for their family. It is sometimes hard to manage and remember all the things, like the one they tend to forget mostly is the shopping or pantry list when they went for grocery. The Out Of Milk Shopping List app for their android device, they are now able to keep a track to all the necessary items for your shopping list. It saves much time and can remind you about your current pantry items and grocery items list. The mothers can simply enter the name of the item, or even speak to it so that it can find the necessary info about that product, such as the price, the tax info etc. It is a great gadget and a proven help to all fathers and dads.

Download Out of Milk Shopping List for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Web MD

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

It is really important for the father to keep a good info about the health of their children. There are some low times when the father can face some medical conditions about their child’s health and he wants to know some advice or tips regarding the condition. The Web MD is a great app which would empower the father to know about his children’s health and can take some precautionary medications to prevent from big loss with the help of highly experienced Medical Doctors online.

What all have to do with this application is that the father can enter the symptom of his child’s ailment and from the list of related topics, can get the appropriate advice for that particular symptom the child might be having. Now this is a great way to learn some important tips about the ailment first handily and it may also be a great help to prevent your child from big medical problems that can occur if not treated timely. So there has to be much information about the problem.

Also the app is able to locate any tablet or pills scattered on the floor so that you can detect and remove before your child go for it.

Download Web MD for Android [Google Play Store Link]

COL Reminder

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

Do you forget sometime? Worry not as your Andorid can be proved a handy reminder for your brain, I’m recommending the “COL Reminder” app to remind anything want. It’s a multi-language Android app, the app support almost 40 languages at this time. You can set reminders for different things such as a phone call, meeting, home dinner and more. The app notifies you at exact time.

The app also lets you to make a backup of your COL Reminder data and settings with My Backup. It’s a free Android app, head over to below link to download the app right on you Android smartphone and tablet.

Download COL Reminder for Android [Google Play Store Link]

RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner

The Best Android Apps For Fathers – Make Life Trouble Free A Bit

It is always better to be careful. And if this is read by fathers, than it becomes even more important. With RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner, the fathers are now able to be an efficient shopping person because they can scan the product with this scanner and get the report from Google, Milo or eBay and many other websites.

Also the mother would be delighted to know about its feature which enables them to have a comparative study about several products before the purchase. They can also be smarted in saving their expenditures by finding the cheapest and best product within their range. The app works even the father doesn’t own a camera with autofocus as the RedLaser is able to read any barcode. It has voice recognition also for more easy functionality. The app also allows to search for the certain product if they don’t know the barcode of the product

Download RedLaser Barcode & QR Scanner for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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