The Best Android Apps For Teachers

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The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Career oriented people of almost every profession have been gaining innumerable advantages from the tech world, especially from the current wave of android and iPhones. The teachers, who are supposed to have a great contribution in mending and the development of a student’s personality and traits that would benefit them throughout their lives. The number of teachers has gained tremendously who are extracting advantages from the Smartphone’s applications to increase the efficiency of roles for their students.

These android applications have enhanced the working and teaching experience of the teachers to work even better and with greater knowledge base. These android applications are designed specifically for the teachers to provide with a platform so that they have a substantial usage from these apps. Through these apps  these teachers are able to foster their students and can provide them with the best knowledge with tremendous and handy functionality.

The best advantage to use these apps is that the teacher can now concentrate more on increasing their knowledge and studies after saving much time with the help of these apps. For example the teachers can synchronize these various apps according to their needs which one goes best for them, they can optimize and manage their course materials and time span for spending on these lectures, along with the lectures recording and much more. These apps have been the most helpful in their career so far.

Let’s take a look at these.


The Best Android Apps For Teachers

The most interactive session a teacher and a student share when it comes to discussion on projects and working together mutually for better results. This experience has been made more effective through this app named as the Edmodo. Through this app, the student won’t miss any more classes or important notes from their teachers and their precious would be saved from hassle and frustrations that has become a usual routine in the busy and tough schedules of both teachers and students. In these kind of tough study times, these kinds of app helps and relaxes much and becomes a great reliance for both of them.

With more than 7.2 million teachers using this application on their Android phone and still growing, it is continuing to benefit its users and has converted itself as a mini educational or training center. With the Facebook integration that teacher are able to inform about their classes instantly to their students about their classes and lectures. Not only that, students can also get their useful information, download and upload answers and questions get an instant help from their mentors. It is proven to be the best Android apps for teachers that can be downloaded from the Google App store.

Download Edmodo for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Teachers often find it challenging to design a course that is most appropriate for their students and can boost their learning too. There are several Course Management Systems that are available on the net and on Android devices as well to have the function handy. The Moodle is one such app that has been used widely now by the teachers across the country. The Moodle generates course design that matches exactly to the need of the students and is easy for the teachers to maintain and create the course that they can convey effectively along with the time scheduling option, enables them to judge the course efficiency in the given span of time.

The Moodle has been known for great functionality and a creative user interface that makes it ever easier and useful for teachers to use it all the time. With this app, the teachers are now able to design courses and related support to their students. The app enables the teachers to use the course material right from their Android phones or tablets. It will give you the feeling of a compact desktop experience within an  android phone.

Download Moodle for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Tape-a-talk Voice Recorder

The Best Android Apps For Teachers

With the growing technological advancements which has affected every facet of life, the teachers are no exception. There are several areas a teacher can get help with these apps in their challenging tasks. It is crucial because the job of the teacher is quite important for its students to generate the best possible outcomes. The teachers thus need to make sure that there lectures are well prepared and understood clearly. But sometimes the students misses the lecture or are not able to grasp the complete essence of the lecture in the given period of time. And they need to listen again or several times to understand and grip the meaning of the lecture to its fullest.

Through this Tape-a-talk Voice recorder, the lectures and notes discussed in the class can be recorded and re-utilized or replayed by the students online.

It is difficult for teachers to provide whole day assistance to their students or to be able to pay attention to their course related question and confusions with their lectures. So there is a great easy solution named Tape-a-talk Voice recorder. This would provide the teachers to upload their lectures online, with recording options as high and low as well. The app has a useful integration with the Dropbox as well which makes it even easier for the teachers to store and share their lectures. This has become the most useful recording available on the Android app market.

Download Tape-a-talk Voice Recorder for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Flashcards Maker Pro

The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Memory plays a vital role in both teaching and studying. For both teachers and students need to have a sharp memory so that they can perform in their circles the best and up to the mark to excel better. But not always the memory skill stays intact for them, for filling this gap, there has to be some help and support to build up their memory and enable them to keep important points, words or notes in mind all the time.

This goal has been achieved right on the Android phone. The Flashcard Pro is worth having for both teachers and students. It enables them to store useful tits bits of information, notes extracted from lectures for future references, text to speech feature, gesture recognition and much more. With this app the teachers won’t able be forgotten important points to be shared with their students that might contribute a lot to boost the knowledge of their students. The app is greatly getting popular in the educational field of apps and topping the list with so many features and high user end functionality. The FlashCard pro is a special android product that is offering the teachers and the students to make the most out of their android device. What more helpful can be for a teacher and student to be able to look for words, notes or other important points when they need them the most? I guess, here is the perfect solution to cater this all the time.

Download Flashcards Maker Pro for Android [Google Play Store Link]

OneNote Mobile

The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Many users work on their android and Smartphones for sharing and integrating photos, text and multimedia and songs, while teachers always found to be in need of a complete functioned notebook for their versatile programs need and database for their information.

The Evernote comes in to mind of every user when talking about the notebook app, but the Microsoft’s One Note is one such application for the android phones that is equaling alluring and attractive alternate.

The OneNote app is integrated with Microsoft’s great Sky Drive where the data can be uploaded for up to 7GB of uploading space, which is quite useful and huge as there are mostly text based documents that teachers want to share with their students, but even if there are video clips or pictures, the space is quite enough, even it is less than the EverNote but still not bad option at all.

Download OneNote Mobile for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Parting Words

The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Teaching is challenging yet a rewarding career that can be adopted as no other profession, giving you so much respect and moral to move forward with the betterment and fostering of pupil. Teaching requires a lot more to be able to known as one with greater efficiency and effectiveness in terms of conveying ideas to elaborating and making them understandable for the students. There are certain instructions that teachers need to follow to make this happen and to be sure that their ideas and lectures are conveyed in such a ways that the student would follow and remember to integrate that instructions in to their memory and knowledge.

Thanks to the latest mobile apps technology, the teachers are now able to make their lectures even more effective and in their unique instructional way of conduct. There are several apps that works indifferently to the subject of teacher’s expertise, however the Parting Words is one such app that would go with the teachers profession hand to hand providing all those features they always wanted to have. It’s a lesson planner, a project coordinator, grading and classroom instructions and rules maker. It makes the job of a teacher much more demanding and useful at the same time. Along with providing great easy for the teachers to feel hassle free and taking much less stress about their work and lecture formatting that works best for their students.

Download Parting Words for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Android Apps For Teachers

Evernote is one of best reminder app for teachers to remember important tasks they have to do, it’s pretty simple, easy to use and fast even you can sync the app across your all devices. It keeps everything in a proper manner for easy search, you can say it a handy tool to boost productivity.

The app can be used to create and edit text notes, to-dos and task lists
- Save, sync and share files, you can search text from images, set tags to important notes, share notes via email notes and save tweets to your Evernote account even you can connect the app to other apps.

Download Evernote for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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