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The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

The Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500, of course, is one of superlative smartphone as the Korean company has packed the new phone with impressively high-end specs such as the 1.9GHz quad-core processor/1.6GHz octa-core processor for super fast performance, dual camera (13MP rear and 2MP font) with dual recording ability and dual video call, so many shot options, HDR, Panorama, Sports, etc, 2GB of RAM and a Li-Ion 2,600 mAh. The Galaxy S4, even, drives Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with latest Samsung Touchwiz while shines so many handy features that make your life very easy like Group Play, S Translator, Optical ReaderSmart Scroll, Air View, S Travel (Trip Advisor) and more.

I know that the Samsung Galaxy S4 introduced a decent box of useful apps but is it enough? Don’t you need the Google Play Store? Of course not because what to do is you don’t love stock browser or anything else? This is the reasons Android app stores (Google Play, Amazon, XDA, etc) are flooded with millions of apps to bump up more features right on your Galaxy S4. Since all of them packed, as I said, so many apps, so it’s a bit difficult to get best apps that are better than stock or suitable to lifestyle.

When people buy Android phone, most of them load just popular apps such as the Instagram, Temple Run, etc but what’s next? Here’s a step that what is worthy to try next, I haven’t listed any keyboard, file sharing and health apps as the default SGS4 apps are enough to satisfy almost everyone. Take a look at below list and don’t forget to share your thoughts about them using the comment section.

Nuke My Phone

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Privacy is a very irritating problem as almost everyone doesn’t want to show the personal data to any unknown person and here “Nuke My Phone” comes in playground to help Samsung Galaxy S4 users. It’s one of best way to nuke your Galaxy S4, in fact this app is helpful for those of you who are going to upgrade the phone or have just upgraded the phone because normal removing abilities of Android devices are vulnerable to recovery, for that before tossing the phone, you should nuke it that will make sure your personal data is not compromised. This app can be used to make a secure wipe of your internal SD card.

Nuke My Phone is secure and easy way to wipe your personal data from your Android device such as your personal documents, photos and videos. You no need to worry about unauthorized data recovery as Nuke My Phone Android app can do this job with no trouble.

The app is pretty easy to use, simply download the app and install it right on your Android device, launch the app, start nuking, wait for a while, begin prompted factory reset, don’t forget to pull out the external SD card from the phone if you’re using before you recycle the data. Once everything is done, your data will be unrecoverable virtually. No the app doesn’t show any effect on external SD card but it’s all about safety.

Please bear in mind that some devices, specifically old ones, can take time to nuke. Nuke My Phone for Galaxy S4 is available for free over the Google Play Store:

Download Nuke My Phone for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

Google Keep

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Task managers have become must have tools for smartphones because they’re great resource to manager everything we need without messes, however with so many task managers it’s bit difficult to select a best one but I’m sure that Google Keep is one of best task manager app for Galaxy S4 that you might love to use.

Google Keep lets you to capture and remember what you’re thinking easily, you have option to make a checklist that is more helpful. You can take notes easily, yes, you’re able to enter voice notes and capture photo notes even you can annotate them, this app can be used to have voice notes transcribed automatically.

Since Google Keep is cross-platform app, everything you add will be available on all of your devices in no time. Features included in app are very good to make your life easy, you can add a widget on the homescreen for quick access to Google Keep quickly, there’re various options to find notes easily like I mentioned above check list or simply add a color-code to your notes that help you to find notes later. You can turn notes into a checklist using checkboxes. If you find something irritating, simply swipe to archive, Google Keep shines with a simple and nice interface to understand features easily.
All your notes are stored in a cloud service so that you can access anywhere you’re, head over to below link to download Google Keep for you Samsung Galaxy S 4:

Download Google Keep for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

Photoshop Touch

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

The Adobe Photoshop has always been one of best photo editing application around the world as Adobe has packed the app with very impressive editing tools to generate nice piece of arts, if you love to manipulate your photos, look no further because the Photoshop is a really right choice at this time to try. Adobe Photoshop for Galaxy S4 will give you a great photo enhancement and manipulation experience.

The Samsung Galaxy S4 comes with many pre-loaded photo enhancement features such as dual shot, image recording, geo-tagging, touch focus, face and smile detection, image stabilization, HDR and more, if you add photoshop to list, it would offer you more fun and creative possibilities to give an amazing touch to your photos. Even you can post your edited photos to Facebook and Twitter.

You can transform and combine your photos and there are so many professional effects, filter brushes, and so much more to use, almost everything of original Photoshop is included in app such as layers, selection tools, adjustments, and filters, to create mind-blowing images. Classic Photoshop features are also available to generate a best quality image.

If I put everything in nutshell, I’d like to say that if you love to manipulate and enhance your photos including quality, the Adobe Photoshop is a must have application for your Galaxy S 4, a cloud service is also included so that you can access your saved photos all devices (internet connection is required for cloud service).

The official Adobe Photoshop for Galaxy S4 is available with a price tag of $4.99, you can download this application for Galaxy S4 from the link given below:

Download Adobe Photoshop Touch for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Magazines are one of best resource to get entertainment with interesting news around the world, I can remember that when I was child, almost all members of my family loved to view magazines but with the passage of time, magazines have been digitalized via social applications. Here I’m recommending Flipboard for Galaxy S4 that is very popular social magazines to bring latest stories of world.

Whenever you feel that you’re getting board, the Flipboard can be proved a handy tool to make you busy by providing world news and social news at a time, the interface of app is very good. You have option to select your favorite topics, you can flip news from your Twitter timeline and Facebook timeline too, Flipboard updates you with latest stories shared by your friends and family over Facebook and Instagram. The Flipboard application for Galaxy S 4 is not only a social magazine but also a platform to get inspiration for your life style from various places such as National Geographic, Oprah and Cool Hunting. Yes, articles can be saved from flipboard to your phone to read later (you can use Instapaper, Pocket and Readability to save articles).

The search bar works like a charm, you can search anything you want such as your favorite people, topics, hashtags, blogs, sitesand more, the Flipboard app is integrated with 12 social networks, you have option to create a Flipboard account that can you use anywhere you want to access your favorite content and social networks. Flipboard localized editions are available, however they’re available for just 15 countries.

Put the Flipboard app widget right on the home screen of your Galaxy S4 for quick access, the Flipboard application for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available for free, head over to below link to download the app:

Download Flipboard for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

The Samsung Galaxy S4 shines with a beautiful interface, Samsung uses their regular TouchWiz user interface for the phone. It comes with many pre-loaded wallpapers but of course one theme with some wallpapers aren’t enough, this is why custom home launchers are famous. It’s pretty easy to customize the interface of your Galaxy S4 depending on your personal taste. The Galaxy S4 offers a lot of customization features but if you’re not satisfied, give try to Toucher home launcher.

Toucher by “GO Launcher EX” is a one of best home launcher for your Galaxy S4 that you can use to apply themes, this app is very helpful to personalize the interface of your phone, you can call it a suspending frame.

Toucher is pretty easy to use, you can switch themes using the setting menu of app, keep in mind that once the lock screen feature is active, you cannot uninstall Toucher in app drawer directly. It can be used for Lock Screen, Home, Favor app, Device switches, and themes (colorbar, WP). Toucher home launcher for Galaxy S4 is available for free over the Google Play Store to download:

Download Toucher for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

Chrome Browser

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

The interface of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a bit different than others, large sharp display with great colors makes reading a joy but what to do if you don’t like the default browser? Let Google to help your cute Galaxy S4 with Chrome browser. It seems that Chrome is default browsing service for all tech-savvy users and the situation can be same for your Galaxy S4.

Download and install the Chrome for Galaxy S4, login to your Chrome account and you’ll have the history of all activities you’ve made with Chrome’s account including bookmarks, some people say that it’s a bit slower than stock on various Android devices but it’s just a small complaint, isn’t it?

Performance is very good, you’ll get simple and intuitive experience, you can switch to as many tabs as you want in no time, flip tabs to do so, you’ll feel them like a deck of cards, you can share pages from Chrome to your computer with one click for later viewing, the browser can be used to browse even privately using Incognito mode.

And as you can expect that the Google Chrome for Samsung Galaxy S4 is available free, head over to below link download this Galaxy S4 browser:

Download Chrome Browser for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

WhatsApp Messenger

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

WhatsApp Messenger is top-rated application for your Samsung Galaxy S4 to make conversation with anyone you want for free, this app use your 3G or Wi-Fi connection to message your friends and family for free, it’s one of best way to beat the stock Galaxy S4 SMS application because it offers everything you need free. There’s no hidden charges that can irritate you, all you need to pay is $0.99 per-year, first year is free even there’s no international charges, use WhatsApp with your friends and family anytime at anywhere, chat with anyone all over the world.

You can send and receive anything you want except voice calls such as SMS, photos, videos, video notes and more. You have option to make a group conversation with your contacts, you no need to use any PIN code and user name, this app works with your default phone number, it’s same as your stock app.

You can sync the app with your address book flawlessly, if you miss your push notifications or turn off your phone, don’t worry because the app will save it until you retrieve it. You can exchange your location, custom notification sounds, precise message time stamps, and more.

WhatsApp Messenger is a must have app for Samsung Galaxy S4 as it includes a nice package of handy features to get rid of conversation’s problem and as I told you above that you can use the app free for first year, download this Galaxy S4 app from the below link:

Download WhatsApp Messenger for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Korean company has introduced great features with Samsung Galaxy S4 named smart pause and smart scroll that works according to moves of your head, smart scroll features track your eyes to scroll pages, you no need to touch the device to scroll articles again and again, tracking your eyes to determine where to scroll is very helpful for those who love to read news papers or other articles on phone but have you a better app to save pages and articles to read? If no, the Instapaper is one of best application for Galaxy S4 that you can use to satisfy yourself.

Instapaper lets you to save web pages for later offline reading, the app is especially optimized to improve your readabilities, it’s a great option to read long articles and blog posts, so whenever you find any interesting article, allow Instapaper to save it for later reading. This app allows you to saves most web pages as text only, it offers you a distraction-free reading environment gets out of your way so you can focus on the content.

You can adjust font, size, line spacing and margins according to your personal taste, dark mode is included that switch sunset times in your location, you can use Instapaper folders to organize your articles.

If you often read articles on your Galaxy S4, don’t miss the Instapaper app, it’s available for free for your Samsung Galaxy S4:

Download Instapaper for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

It seems that Twitter has become a part of our daily routine life a most popular, simple and easy to use social network that you can use to share a message containing 160 words with photos, videos, links, etc to your follower quickly, I notice that some people share almost everything they do to their follower by updating status, it doesn’t make matter that the message is important or not like “going to meeting” and “eating delicious roasted meat” so don’t you need an assistant to make your twitter’s life easy? Of course you need and I’m recommending you Echofon.

Echofon is a simple and super fast twitter app for Galaxy S 4 that you sync across all your devices even it’s also available for iOS devices (iPhone and iPad). The interface of Echofon is very clean that lets you to understand features easily. Timeline is very beautiful, there are different themes available to use with the app, the app collects almost all Twitter features you need for your busy social media life.

You can use full-featured dashboard widgets for quick access, the app pushes instant notifications, you can manage multiple Twitter accounts easily, this app lets you to view the threaded conversations all in one place to easily keep track of who said what.

Echofon for Galaxy S4 is available in both versions, free and paid, however the free version isn’t enough to satisfy you because it’s still in Beta stage, the paid version costs you $4.99, you can download Echofon for Android from below link:

Download Echofon for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

Secret Phone

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Don’t you want to show your personal data to anyone? If yes, go ahead and check out the next app as here’s nothing to help but if yes, the secret phone is very helpful application for you to keep your data hidden from your friends and family.

Secret phone lets you to set a password for your files, the default code is “1111” (change it from app’s options), all you need to do is dial your password using the phone dialer app, it’s really a hidden way because there will be on app icon in app drawer of your phone and no trace of this app ever being opened, in other words you can say that it offers a full stealth.
This app makes you able to create a private phone book and messaging, both would not be shown on default phone book and SMS app, a private web browser is also included without any tracing option even you can add bookmarks to browser, you also import images from sd card / download from private web browser and hide them in the app and hide videos.

Backup and restore option is included for safety that is even possible through home screen to make your life easy in no time, remote wipe feature is also available to make fun. Phone secret is a one of best platform where you can store your private information and data, however don’t forget to unhide your data before uninstallation of this app. You can download phone secret for Galaxy S4 free:

Download Phone Secret for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

Kaspersky Mobile Security

The Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4 – An Excellent Dose

Do you want to lose your personal data due to any reason? As I explained for “Nuke My Phone” app that security is very irritating problem for Android users but it really doesn’t mean that the Android development community is not able to protect your Galaxy S4 as there are so many security apps are available like we have selected kespersky mobile security for Galaxy S4.

I don’t think that I should present the introduction for Kespersky because it’s very popular on many platforms, it’s multi-language security app, it can be used for both, scanning viruses and as a anti-theft tool even call/SMS security option is also included, in nutshell I’d like to say that it’s full-fledge security app for your Samsung Galaxy S 4.

This app will alerts you before any file harm your Galaxy S4, the interface is very advanced, the app is packed with latest technologies to prevent viruses from harming your phone while you’re doing anything, get it for free, however premium version is also available for advanced protection that costs you $5, get it from the below link:

Download Kaspersky Mobile Security for Samsung Galaxy S4 [Google Play Store Link]

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