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The Best Board Games for Android

Games have become a one of best way to get rid of irritating boredom even they’re helpful to test how much intelligent you’re such as puzzle games that include so many board games title, as title shows you that here we’re discussing board games that is very old genre but almost all board games are still popular classic games around the world mostly among children, almost all board games are now available in digital forms for mobiles and tablets as video games such as backgammon, snakes and ladders, ludo and more, you may use them to get yourself in childhood or just to remember some sweat memories that was happened in childhood. The most interesting benefit of board games is that you can play them with your friends and family.

Here we have gathered some of best board games for Android devices, this Android board games roundup contains popular and best titles of world. All of them are helpful to keep you challenged and busy, so give a look at below list of board Android game apps.

365 Board Games 2

The Best Board Games for Android

Board games can make the environment a bit enjoyable if you’re with your friends and family as all of them lets you challenge others to kill the time. “365 Board Games 2” is one of best set of board games that you should not miss for your Android smartphones and tablets, this set 10 total classic board games to make fun, it seems that the developer is trying to cover all of family favorite titles in one place and this is the reasons this set is very popular.

365 Board Games 2 includes Snakes and Ladders, Ship Wars, Four in a Row, Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men’s Morris, and Tic Tac Toe. Each of them offers a decent interface with a lot of custom options even you can change themes. This collection can be proved a hand tool to kill boredom individually or with anyone you want.

You may play the game against up to 3 players as most of board games includes just 4 members such as Ludo that is one of my favorite game because I can remember my childhood with Ludo game. These board games include different difficulty levels to give a spicy touch to your challenges and you can share everything you’re doing on Facebook.

In the end, I’d like to say that the “365 Board Games 2” is one of must have set for board game lovers, you can download it from the below link:

Download 365 Board Games 2 for Android [Amazon Download Link]

Shuffle Board

The Best Board Games for Android

Do you love simple designs? Well! The Shuffle Board is designed for your Android smartphone and tablet to make you happy, the Shuffle Board is a simple addictive board Android game, the interface is simple but innovative and user-friendly, the gameplay is pretty easy to control, simply place your fingers on the puck and swipe upward to throw it.

You have total 5 pucks in each level, throw them carefully because once you have now puck to throw, you’ll have your final result, you can gain maximum 3 points with pucks, if you love to play game with achievements, use the barricade mode with different levels to complete the game, it’s similar to classic mode but overcome the barricades to reach zones.

Multiplayer modes are also included, you can play it as a single player, two player and computer vs. player games. Shuffle Board for Android is available for free, this casual game is very good assistant and will give you a great board experience, head over to below link to download the game:

Download Shuffle Board for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Board Games for Android

Domination is one of best board game to try by, the interface is designed with the inspiration of popular Risk or RisiKo board game. This Italian Domination game includes 3 dice to protect yourself that you can use maximum, you need to get rid of all of terrorist of world by using each card on right time, the more map you cover, the more you earn. It sounds puzzle that you need to solve.

You may play the game individually using the single player mode but it’s important to note that the game needs internet connection to the game online against other players and, of course, to download extra maps. The Domination game support 17 languages of world, the game is available for free:

Download Domination for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Backgammon Free

The Best Board Games for Android

Backgammon is one of popular board game among friends and family all over the world, it requires just two persons like just you and your wife, any member of family, friend or anyone else you want. Of course Backgammon involves luck but factors are also important part of game, so use your best skills to fulfill the task, move everything carefully to win.

This Backgammon version for Android is top-rated, it requires best skills and strategy to make fun. This version includes strong Backgammon AI mode, there are 5 different levels of difficulty and you may play a full match with doubling cube, hint bar is also available to show what’s possible.

The interface is very good and is designed for both, android tablets and smartphones, you may pick up this game form the pocket whenever you’re in coffee houses or bars or anywhere you like. As the game’s title shows you that this Backgammon for Android is available for free:

Download Backgammon Free for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Board Games for Android

Parchis (aka Ludo) is another popular and best board game that you can come up with, it’s popular mostly among children, I’ve played this game so many times in my childhood but I’m still not able to ignore this interesting fun as it’s like a sweat dish for family and friends. Though the game is available now for smartphone and tablets as a game app but you may notice that board of game is still selling like a hot cake in game shops.

Parchis offers a simple interface, both modes are available, 4 member mode and 6 member mode, even the developer has added three member mode too. You may play the game against your phone and friends, you have option to save and load the game whenever you needed.

The game shows statistics on your progress, you can zoom any point even can change the variations of game. The gameplay is simple that lets you to understand everything you want easily.

Parchis for Android is free, if you’re Ludo/Parchis lover, must give it a try to make you happy,head over to the below link to download the game:

Download Parchis for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Cribbage Board

The Best Board Games for Android

Cribbage is a simple travel board game that you can play with cards, utilize card and achieve the goal, make better combinations to gain better points. The interface is very simple, simply get your deck that is packed with required cards and start the game, you’ll presented with the progress of your pegs with move of your pieces. You no need to save the game manually as it saves everything automatically.

It’s important to note that normally this game can be played between two or more than two players but this is not full version, so you may find some missing features, however worry not because the developer is working to generate a full version, so you may give it a try. It’s a pretty simple game to kill the time for free:

Download Cribbage Board for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Wordfeud Mastermind

The Best Board Games for Android

Word board games are very interesting because of math puzzles and the Wordfeud Mastermind is top-rated word board game. It’s a platform of words where you need to make high scores using your tiles on your random boards, it’s all about word development.

Wordfeud Mastermind offers a decent style, when you’ll click on any entry, they’ll fetch the game data that contains everything such as tear words, bonus tiles, words that are already placed and information to understand the game. Move every word carefully, you can calculate all possible moves by clicking on the board or one of the buttons next to the rack. Whenever you feel blue with current word, simply click on the board and they’ll generate a list of the best moves sorted by points or browse the words by clicking the rack buttons.

Log in to your account and get started, the game includes dictionaries of various languages, the game support English, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish and Swedish. However the interface support just English, Swedish and Danish.

Wordfeud Mastermind is really an interesting games for those of you who love to play with words, the game is available with the price tag of $1.91, head over to below link to give this game a try:

Download Wordfeud Mastermind for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Board Games for Android

Solitaire by Brainium (aka Klondike or Patience) has always been popular card game among people, it attracts you with simple rules and interesting game play, even if you don’t know you can play the game, worry not because Solitaire will teach everything you need, both modes are available, Standard and Vegas modes available. I can remember that this was one of my favorite game from all Windows (PC) games and it gave me a great experience.

The interface of this Solitaire version is similar to Windows Solitaire version, it’s a classic card game to make fun with cards and is optimized for both, Android phones and tablets. You can enjoy Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card and 3 cards. This game will keep you busy for hours, find cards to complete the row, once all rows are packed with correct cards, you’re done, the game is easy to play but hard to master.

The app lets you to store installation on the SD card with App2SD and of course, as you’re thinking, this Solitaire for Android is free:

Download Solitaire for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Unblock Me

The Best Board Games for Android

Unlock Me is one of best tool to check how much wise you’re, a simple puzzle board game, as the name suggest you that you have to unlock the main object of game. Unlock Me can be proved an impressive addictive puzzle game that will attract you with a simple interface and I’m dam sure that if you pay attention on the game, it will keep you challenged for many days as there are 4200 puzzles in total and all of them are very difficult to solve but it’s interesting.

The game includes two modes that you can come up with, first mode lets you to challenge yourself or do nothing and just wait while app is unlocking the elements. The second one is challenge mode that contains 3 stars for every puzzle that you should gain, it also includes a ranking system and achievements to attract.

The game offer the history of all challenges you face even you may undo last steps or use hint system just for inspiration. No you need to pay nothing, the “Unlock Me” game for Android is available for free:

Download Unlock Me for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Snakes & Ladders

The Best Board Games for Android

Snakes and Ladders is another popular board game, this classic game can be played between many players, it’s a number game, you have to reach over the top number by earning points with your dice roller, there are many hurdles in the way that you need to avoid such as “ladders” and “snakes” (or “chutes”) are pictured on the board, each of them linking two specific board squares, the game starts from bottom and you need to reach on top.

It sounds like a dice game, you can play it human vs Android, human Vs human, and Android vs Android. The gameplay is very good and you can understand everything easily, it’s also available for free on the Play Store:

Download Snakes and Ladders for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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