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The Best Crime Games for Android

Of course crime has been a disliked act because it destroys the peace among people, this is why it often results in punishment. People love to show different ways to get rid of crimes even some of them shows how you can become a skilled criminal through stories and games, so far the criminal games are concerned there are no charges for experiencing criminal games. So, the criminal game lovers can appreciate themselves experiencing these games and games development community pay special attention on this topic, for that we can find a lot of crime games around the world as well as in Android market, there are several criminal games which are well-known not only among the kids but also the elderly people and adolescents.

Here we are paying attention to crimes as Android games, some of the most well-known and best criminal offenses games are following, you can say it like fun to experience different crimes or to save people from crimes, up to you, but as I said it’s just for fun, so let’s have a look on some best crime games to enjoy on an Android smartphone or tablet. This is great fun to experience.

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The Best Crime Games for Android

A lot of people have always been fans of GTA Vice City like me as this game offers a lot of interesting stuff to explore, you can act like a real man to achieve your different missions and this is what, the Vice City is famous for. The open-world game gives you a great experience, this game is one best resource to kill the time as it will make busy for many hours while you’re at bus, at line, etc.

Rockstar has developed the Vice City with high-resolution graphics and easy to use controls for Android devices, even you may customize controls if you don’t love default including layout, you can also connect your Android device with MoGa Wireless Game Controller and select USB gamepads to play the game. It seems that Rockstart made the game as easy to play as they can like you’re not limited to limited touch controls, you can use controllers too to do so.

The GTA Vice City is one of hot favorite game among gamers, head over to the below link to get it on your Android device, the game will cost you just $4.99, so get ahead and enter in the crime city to experience different places of world by dealing with criminals (make sure you’ve enough storage space for the game:

Download GTA Vice City for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The Best Crime Games for Android

Modern Combat 4 is a first person shooter game, Gameloft has released this remarkable game for Android devices, they have packed the game with interesting chapters of war regarding nuclear warfare, there are just a few soldiers to save the world, they want to track down and rescue the world’s leaders from a frighteningly familiar terrorist group. The more you achieve, the more interest take place, the gameplay is enough to make you busy for hours as the war is not very straightforward to win, you have to jump on dangerous places, every mission seems like a exercise for brain but interesting too as I said above, the journey will be started from Antarctica to Barcelona.

The Modern Combat 4 can be a most memorable action shooter in your life, you can control the war ground using the tactical movement system, the war is all over the world, the Gameloft offers console-like experience with awesome graphics and dynamic objects even with better sound. There’s multiplayer mode too to force others to help you in the war ground.
Win the war to save the world by playing the Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour, the game will cost you $6.99.

Download Modern Combat 4 for Android [Google Play Store Link]

The Dark Knight Rises

The Best Crime Games for Android

Do you want to be Bruce Wayne? Well! This the place to get started, as the name “The Dark Knight Rises” shows that you have to act like a Batman to save the Gotham city from Bane, he is another criminal who want to destroy the peace of Gotham city but if the Batman will not allow him to do so if you help him. The Batman is great protector of city but he left his bat cloths because of his friend’s death but now he’s back again.

The game will let you to meet all of Batman’s allies, he’ll get his strength back, however there are dozens of missions including random events, you need to save ordinarily people, it’s very thrilling fight but seems real, main characters of movie will act with you in the game to destroy bane.

Gameloft used very good graphics to grab the attention, sounds also seems better, you need to pay $6.99 to download the dark knight rises for your Android smartphone or tablet.

Download The Dark Knight Rises for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Crime Games for Android

What’s contract killer? You can be that to experience this profession with this game, but keep in mind that this is just for fun and to kill time. The game will turn you into a detective who has to find and kill bounty hunters, mobsters and criminals, the game will offer you some of secret missions, accept them and handle them if you’re a genius.

The game includes different weapons to try, there are sniper rifles, assault rifles and machine guns to experience while shooting a criminal. The mission is not very easy to handle but don’t consider it impossible task, using your mind locate the target, zoom in, and then kill to earn a hard cash. In fact the game will take you to a central city, where you’ll prepare mission and kill, there are 17 story missions and many random missions.

If you’re geek who want to be a cope to kill some criminals that destroy the peace of your city, the contract killer is a great experience to gain, it’s available for free:

Download Contract Killer for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Modern War

The Best Crime Games for Android

As the name of game shows that this is war game, the Modern War is the place where you have to make a global military empire to win the war from your enemies. You have to face enemies for country after country, you need to get rule over them all. Keep in mind that you can’t easily take over the world, it’s a difficult task for the weak, you need to build strength of army in numbers and then team up them with different colors even you need to schedule the war.

You can fight in monthly LIVE World Domination events, there are a lot of to achieve and become a hero, this game can be proved a fun for you for a lot of hours. The Modern War is available for free on the Google Play Store to download.

Download Modern War for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Crime City

The Best Crime Games for Android

This is impressive multiplayer game, there are a lot of enemies against you in the Crime City, you have to crush all of them with your intelligence. This game will take you to a crime city where you have to build a better criminal empire to destroy enemies and at long last you’ll be the toughest Mob Boss in Crime City. All you need to do is rank improvement in the mafia world.

There are a tons of features to make the game a bit interesting, you’ll play online to fight and ROB other players LIVE. The more you do, the more money you get to buy different luxuries, the app includes up to 500 jobs to do including 200+ goals to achieve. You make your environment according to your taste like there are hotels, casinos, restaurants, and more to buy, however stealing abilities you have too even you may beat up peoples.

The Crime City is very interesting store to make, the interface is very good with gorgeous graphics and the game is free.

Download Crime City for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Defense zone HD

The Best Crime Games for Android

One of the best defensive game ever for the android market. The Defense Zone HD is packed with amazing depth of game play, levels and quite a good balanced with turrets and various levels. While playing the game, the player would be defending against gigantic hordes of rivals. Playing in each level, the player needs to have a weapon and the resources which would be completely on the choice of the player, whether to use the existing or to buy the new ones.

There are a whole lot of weapon variety and an amazing landscape option to elaborate defensive tactics. The player needs to have a right placing and right usage of the weapons of any kind of defensive level. The weapons are designed to give the player different experiences of power, range and blasting radius as well. Amazing option to make it realistic. The players who fell off the track, can simply use the four bedded presses on the screen to unlock the blocked card, and here you go.

Download Defense zone HD for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Fieldrunners HD

The Best Crime Games for Android

The Fieldrunners HD is an awesome crime game in which the player can plan and build obstacles for his rivals at their desired levels! Now that interesting. The game has a defensive mode of playing, brilliant graphics and sound but somehow it got some complains running on different devices. Reportedly crashing on Asus Transformer with Android 4.0.3 and getting hanged mostly the HTC Evo. There is a high possibility of the device error or the game itself, but nevertheless with these crashing complains, the game rating dropped significantly. However it ran quite smoothly on the gingerbread tablet and confirming it as a game with high potentials and graphics.

Download Fieldrunners HD for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Casino Crime FREE

The Best Crime Games for Android

Who wouldn’t know the glamour of gambling? Enticing and exhilarating. Those who have got the hidden dream to become one of the glamour’s gamblers, can satisfy their desire with the new Casino Crime android game. Need some luck and the player would be taking his guests to the arena. From tact’s of pickpockets to the detailed card playing ricks, the con guest has to be the best one.

The game has several interesting features to keep you on board. It has an exciting Casino runner having underworld connections. The tempting slot machines, Roulette and Blackjack would catch the player’s interest almost instantly. Nasty tricks to oppose the rival and grab the money, become the gambler.

Download Casino Crime FREE for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Crime Legends RPG

The Best Crime Games for Android

This complete fun loaded game would thrill you much. The Crime Legend is a legend in a crime games and has an absolutely new bulk of interesting features that will be encountered by the players. The multiplayer gaming wonder would enable the player to challenge the other players online! And can win through among hundreds of people online, giving an outstanding feature that is quite enough to make it extra demanding and thrilling.

The Crime Legend is offering some great new features as it is free to play and is compatible with the mobile as well as tablet devices also. The game allows the player to challenge the online players and start fighting them off to win the challenge. Smuggling of weapons and drugs makes it better to give thrill a chill to the player. There are hundreds of weapons to play with. The game has so much to offer and is quite advanced in terms of features and graphics.

Download Crime Legends RPG for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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