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The Best Dice Games for Android

Dice games are well-liked by the virtue of interesting interface, they’re suitable for every age even for your kids as they can learn many kills with dice games that is great especially for match students. All you need to do is use your brain carefully to calculate anything that is required in the game, no it’s not about luck, it’s about your math skills.

Dice games can make you busy for so many hours and in this age you may even play them on your smartphones and tablets. There are a lot of Android games that includes dice you can’t only play individually but also against other people around the world, so you no need to call your friend or any family member to play with you.

All of them have just one thing in common that is specialized dice you need to utilize, select dice table and let the fun begin. Here are some of best dice games for Android smartphones and tablets to try, don’t explore so many pages of Google Play store as here you can find almost all best Android dice games.

Farkle Dice

The Best Dice Games for Android

Frakle Dice (aka 5000/10000, Greed, Hot Dice, Squelch, Zilch, Zonk, and Darsh) is one of very interesting genre of dice games. This Farkle Dice game is multiplayer and very additive to spend time with your smartphone and tablet. The Farkle Dice offers a nice interface to attracts you and your friends, roll out your six dice carefully to get high marks, you need to full-fill your wishes by taking at least one scoring combination, you have to play turn-by-turn, once you earn 300 points, the game will allow you to collect them for a new round. There are different modes, select any of them depending on your choice like quick game mode lets you to collect as many points as you can gain within 10 steps, the play for chips mode lets you to collect just 5000 points with 10 steps to get chips and the third mode, Play vs CPU, can be used to play against the CPU and be the first to collect 5000 points to win.

The game Farkle Dice is integrated with scoreloop, the more door you unlock, the more chips you get even you can purchase virtual good to boost your score. The Farkle Dice is available for free to play on Android devices:

Download Farkle Dice for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Dice Games for Android

The MegaYatzy is a classic dice game for Android devices developed by Tundem Media Group, the developer has packed the game with a lot of boredom killer features to attract dice lover. The MegaYatzy game is fun to play everywhere, you may use this game to make funny environment with your friends, graphics are very simple to learn everything easily you need.

MegaYatzy includes 12 different combinations and no playerlimit, no matter how many friends want to play game at a time even you’re able to play game agains other friends or computer. Both modes are available, hard and easy, keep in mind that if you select hard mode, you will not be able to unlock fixed dice, 6 dice is available to play the game, you may save games including your names.

The MegaYatzy is available in two languages at this time – German and English. This game also can be downloaded for free, head over to below link to download the MegaYatzy game right on your Android device:

Download MegaYatzy for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Six Dice Yahtzee

The Best Dice Games for Android

Yahtzee is a popular dice game, it’s not a poker dice but the interface sounds similarities, all you need to do is make scores with your five dice, but this version lets you play with six dice instead of five, it will make many combination, you need to roll your dice in your turn to generate a best combination and it’s important to note that you can’t unitize one combination twice, so play the game carefully, it’s easy to play but hard to master.

You have 15 total rolls to make as many scores as possible, this version includes 4 modes, Single Mode, Double Mode, Sequential Mode, and Bonus Roll Mode. Don’t forget to read to read rules portion before you take your turn, if you want to play online, use scoreloop to compete online against other players.

The Six Dice Yahtzee game is one of best exercise for your brain, if you’re genius, you should give it a try and it’s free:

Download Six Dice Yahtzee for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Quick Dice Roller

The Best Dice Games for Android

Quick Dice Roller is another interesting Android game, it’s very flexible to play as you may customize almost everything you want including design according to your personal choice. The Quick Dice Roller offers a nice interface and controls to play the game, you can roll the dice with a simple touch and make any combination of dice manually yourself.

Game’s parser have abilities to recognize 4 operators “+, -, *, /”, brackets and the “d” operator that represent a die roll (ie 1d6). However there many other functions to utilize when you needed such as roll & keep, open rolls, dice pool, etc. Your dice will organize required dices in dice bags, you can aggregate results manually and automatically, both features are included.

The Quick Dice Roller Android game is very simple and easy to play but it doesn’t mean the game is easy to master, you consider it a one of best tool that can make busy for many hours, the Quick Dice Roller game is free.

Download Quick Dice Roller for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Dice Poker

The Best Dice Games for Android

Poker has become one of most well-liked casino game around the world by the virtue of interesting challenges and this is combination of dice and poker. To get the main object, you need both, luck and best skills, you have to gain all of combinations while earning maximum points, you can also challenge your friends using the turn by turn mode and against AI. This dice poker includes simultaneous game for 5 players, the gameplay is simple, the Dice Poker game features refurbished graphics and fair artificial intelligence, all statistics are easy to view to take a look on current position of your game. There are 33 special achievements to unlock even the game doesn’t require any internet connection to play.

Dice Poker is pretty interesting Android game to refresh the brain with different tasks, there’s no disturbing ad to irritate you during unlocking of achievements, even it’s absolutely free to play, so get it from the link given below:

Download Dice Poker for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Yahtzy Online

The Best Dice Games for Android

It’s another Yahtzy dice game version to play on Android smartphones and tablets, as the name of game shows you that you have to play this Yahtzy game online, so it requires an internet connection, this is because you have to play the game online with your friends and family, you may roll the dice with one, two and three players, the interface of game is similar to poker.

This Yahtzy version includes 5 dice to play, it doesn’t make matter what tablet you’re using for the game because it’s compatible with all tables. The Yahtzy is pretty fast, it will update everything quickly you load.

Yahtzy includes attention-grabbing stuff to make fun, as I said above that you can play the game with your friends and family or anyone else you want even you can select achievements to unlock that is great to kill boredom. Yahtzy Online is a paid Android game, it costs you $1.29:

Download Yahtzy Online for Android [Google Play Store Link]

10,000 (Farkle)

The Best Dice Games for Android

10, 000 is a game of Farkle that is one of very exciting dice game, this version is dubbed for four players, the interface is elegant, blue, gray and yellow are three nice colors used for the theme of 10,000 Android game.

This 10,000 game for Android includes six dice to play, you have to roll the dice and need to set aside at least one scoring die, there are 1’s, 5’s, triples, 3 pairs, and run of 6 to utilize, you may keep your turn active with the remaining dice, it’s all about your math skill, the more you make combination, the more fun you have for your turn, however you may end your turn by talking a decision of stop or until you have a scoreless throw (they Farkle). If you score all of six dice in one turn, you’ll be able to roll again to build up a record of points.

You should make a total of 10, 000 points to win the game, however you may make up to 10,000 scores by taking best decisions. The game includes four player game play and the performance is fast, you may view the situation of game using so many statistics, you may take first turn to target or allow others to have one last roll.

10,000 is available for Android smartphones and tablets with the price tag of $1.99, you can download the game from the below link:

Download 10,000 for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Big & Small

The Best Dice Games for Android

Do you love to Chinese games? Well! This is place to start journey with Big and Small Chinese dice game using your Android smartphone or tablet. The Big & Small is ancient Chinese dice game for Android where you can play against others utilizing 3 dice, this game is commonly known as tai sai (大細), dai siu (大小), SicBo or hi-lo in China.
In the casino of Big & Small, you may experience realities of casino odds, you have 1000 credits to play the game for the first time, you have option to refill your credits with the passage of time or buy them yourself, don’t forget to view your game history as it’s great to enhance strategies.

Big & Small Android game features a detailed game board to view position, there are four number combination to get started, the game features a 3D dice roll animation and there are a lot of modes to make fun. Big & Small is available for free:

Download Big & Small for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Dice Games for Android

Ludo is one of my favorite dice game as it gave me a great experience, this game can take you to your childhood because mostly kids love to play Ludo game, I can remember that in my childhood people loved to buy Ludo dices but now there’s no need to waste money for them as Ludo is now available for your Android device, of course the Ludo game is compatible with both, smartphones and tablets, but I recommend to play it on tablets because I love to play Ludo on a bit larger display. However the game works on phones and tablets in full resolution.

This Ludo Android game versions lets you to play against 1-3 computer players that has three modes, easy, medium and hard), it features 2-4 players, the game capture every moment, so you may exit the game anytime you want without any tension. You have four pieces with many steps, roll six dice, get points and take all pieces to home.

This Ludo game for Android support 11 languages that are English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, Spanish, Finnish, French, Italian, Dutch, and Portuguese. Ludo is one of great game to bring four members are family or friends at one place and even it’s free:

Download Ludo for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Dice With Buddies

The Best Dice Games for Android

Dice with buddies is another addictive game for Android, the interface of this game looks similar to Yahtzee dice game and you may play the game, as name shows, with your friends and family online and it doesn’t really matter that how miles away they’re.

It’s an exhilarating multiplayer dice game for Android, you may challenge anyone you want through SMS or Facebook, or find a random opponent even chat feature is also included to share you messages, you may consider it a social platform for friends and family to play a best dice game. All you need to do is make an account that you can use on any device you want, send invites and you’re ready to go. It’s free:

Download Dice With Buddies for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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