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The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

How many language people speak around the world? Might be thousands of language, wherever you go, you’ll see a new language, it’s a biggest problem for tourist and for those who want to migrate from one country to another, yes, English is international but millions of people don’t know how to speak it, different people from different places around this world love to provide translators to make their languages a bit popular and by virtue of them it’s now not really difficulty to translate any language to another even it’s pretty easy to learn. In this tech of era, translators have covered mobile technologies and this is the reason we can find a lot of translator apps for Android to get rid of this problem as I said including learner.

The Google Play store is flooded with a lot of translator apps that make language learning easy, it’s very beneficial for us, as I mention above especially for tourists and those who’re migrating, it would be also nice to learn concepts based on how other express in their language, in this post we collected some of best Android language translator apps, let’s take a look on them below.

Google Translate

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

Google Translate is one of most popular language translator app for Android devices, this app support up to 65 languages and lets you to translate words and phrases between them, the app contains  popular languages you speak even if your language is most popular around the world, you can’t only change it into other languages by giving a text to app but also you can speak your words even phrases and the app will speak the translation back, currently the app support 17 languages with voice while it support 40 languages to speak your translation.

There are a camera option in the app that lets you take photos and brush text to translate, you can use multiple modes for better reading such as full screen mode, no it doesn’t need online access to translate your languages, you can use the app offline too. There’s also a feature to spell out the translation of non-Latin script languages (e.g. Chinese, Japanese, etc..) in Latin characters to read it phonetically (e.g. Pinyin, Romaji).

The app includes a dictionary results for single words or short phrases, the UI is really simple and the app itself is pretty is to use. Head over to the below link to download the app, it’s free:

Download Google Translate for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Universal Translator

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

Universal translator is one of lightweight translator that gives you a clean Android experience, no don’t consider it a rotten due to lightweight, it’s handy translator that even support voice too, it support voice for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish currently even with volume control.

It’s not limited to just text you write and voice you speak, you can also translate SMS, share translations or URL/text with the translator (ShareWithFacebook is integrated with the application), the app also warns you about internet availability and low or muted volume.

Universal Translator is like a community driven project, which means if it doesn’t include your favorite feature, you may ask for it, you can give suggestions, critics and any kind of comment to developer.

Universal Translator is free Android app, you may download Universal Translator from the below link to your Android device:

Download Universal Translator for Android [Google Play Store Link]


The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

iTranslat is one of most popular app for iPhone on iTunes and now it’s also available for Android on the Google Play Store, the app is well-known because of handy and powerful features such as text translation, voice reorganization, voice output & machine translation, dictionaries for many languages that includes additional translation results, meanings and suggestions, you can listen high-quality voices in most languages.

The app interface is also optimized for big screen Android tablets, you can change the phone side for a faster translation using landscape keyboard. You can share and save your translation, you can share with Email, twitter, etc. The app support up to 50 languages and can translate words, phrases and even whole sentences and all seems popular around the world such as , Arabic, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, French, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, and more.

So go ahead to have a better translator for your Android smartphone or tablet, it’s free:

Download iTranslate for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Tourist Language Learn & Speak

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

Are you a tourist? Well, this is one of must have Android app you should try on your smartphone or tablet to make your conversation a bit easy with others as it’s really helpful to do so, the app includes very useful translated phrases for many situations to talk with people you need like when you’re on airport, airplane, bus stop, bus, train station, train, taxi stand, taxi, hotel, hotel room, restaurant and more.

The app includes translations for Spanish, Portuguese, polish, German, French, Italian, Chinese, Korean and Japanese. The developer is also intend to add some more languages in near future, there are various categories to make your life easier. The app also feature text to speech functionality but it’s either trough the phones TTS engine* or trough a cloud web service, it sounds awesome, you’ll hear native voice for clear reorganization of words even you no need to use any internet connection to get it worked.

So as I said above this is a one of best suggestion for tourists because it includes phrases for some selected situations even it also helps you to do something more than translation, for that you should get, it’s free.

Download Tourist Language Learn & Speak for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Word Lens Translator

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

Word Lens Translation is one of fastest translations for Android devices, the app instantly translate printed words even with your built-in video camera, in real time, you no need to use any internet connection to use the Word Lens Translator, the app will instantly give result through your video screen, it’s pretty easy to use even it seems like a regular camera usage. You can get translations by typing them in or simply clicking on a word to do so.

It’s great to translate words using the camera, however it’s also important to keep in mind that the app doesn’t recognize the handwriting or stylized fonts, you can’t say it a perfect app to translate words by capturing words pictures but it’s perfect to get general meaning and it should be enough. You need to keep text in focus by holding it at least one hand-length away and tap-to-focus if autofocus is struggling. If you want a better result, you should use the flashlight or zoom the photo that makes the app able recognize words easily, but these both features dependent on devices capabilities, all Android devices doesn’t support them.

The Word Lens Translator app cost will $4.99, the paid version includes one language pack and you’ll have to purchase additional language packs, the app includes English ⇆ Spanish, English ⇆ French and  English ⇆ Italian as pairs. You may get the free version of the app as demo here and of course you should try the demo first before you buy the pro version because who can waste valuable money.

Download Word Lens Translator for Android [Google Play Store Link]

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

As the name suggest us that this app is developed by a blog named that lets you to translate words online, this is a superlative smart translator because it’s for different types of texts, even you can select any topic to get the exact translation including words, phrases, sentences, websites and SMS. Even the app includes tools that you can use as an offline phrasebook, it’s handy to use in a travel, the app also includes dictionaries with grammar, phonetic and audio pronunciation.

You may connect the app to offline dictionaries and phrasebook entries pronunciation, there would be no disturbing ad, the app also feature additional dictionary results for grammar and transcription and of course you can hear how words are pronounced by native speakers. The app includes history category that shows  20 previously translated words and phrases.

As you can expect the app support voice translation but there are some other handy features that force you to try the app I explained, the name is online-translation but there are a lot of stuff that you can use offline, so go ahead and give it a try, the app is free.

Download for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Broadspeak Translator

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

I have featured many text translation apps, some of them also support voice translation but if you’re looking for an Android app that is especially designed for voice translation, the Broadspeak Translator is what, you’re looking for.

The Broadspeak Translator is a fast voice-to-voice translation app that support over 50 languages worldwide, the app use latest translation technology to translate your language you want, if you think that writing a text for translation is a bit irritating task, must try the Broadspeak Translator on your Android device to get this job done, even you can use it traveling places like when you go anywhere where you don’t know the language people are speaking, this app can be proved a handy tool, simply listen them using the app and get the translation in your own mother tong.

There are both versions are available of the app – paid and free, if you don’t love to see ads, the pro version might help you as it’s ad-free, it will cost just $0.99, get the free one here or head over to the below link to download the Broadspeak Translator pro.

Download Broadspeak Translator for Android [Google Play Store Link]

LangLearner Multi-Language

The Best Language Translator Apps For Android – Useful Tools For Learner

If you’re migrating to any country or by virtue of any other reason, you want something better than for a temporary translator, this is the place to start, I mean if you want to learn any other language. The LangLearner Multi-Language can be your teacher to do so, the app support 10 most popular languages at this time that are English, Spanish, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Greek, Chinese, and Japanese.

The app includes different lessons to teach you easily, there are multimedia flashcards and phrasebook to get and hear every word and phrase that you are learning even the app support pictures, text, and correct audio pronunciation. You can use this app for both – how to read and how to talk. The app includes flash card lessons in different modules and subject matter and so you can get it for any educational environment.

So if you’re looking for a teacher to learn any language I mentioned above, head over to below link to get LangLearner Multi-Language for your Android device, the app costs you $4.99:

Download LangLearner Multi-Language for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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