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The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Multiplayer games are like a platform where all gamers can meet each other while teaching best tips and tricks, this is the reason multiplayer games have always been popular all around the world, you may find them almost on all game platforms, it’s like a best hobby that you can use to gather your friends at one place as I often do.

Of course we all love to play single mode games but it’s also a fact that we can gain a bit better experience with friends as they help to make a great environment for fun that is possible with so many ways like one of them we’re discussing here – multiplayer games.

Here, as you can read the title, we’re sharing some of best Android multiplayer games, the Play Store is flooded with millions of apps and games and here we have listed some of best multiplayer titles that you can come up with, they will not be allow you get bored as you can play them anytime at anywhere against people. Play these games using your best skills to make a high record of points among people, take a look at below multiplayer games list and show your thoughts using the comment section about them.

Fun Run – Multiplayer Race

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Do you love to race with friends or anyone other you want? This is the place to get started where you can race against your friends or random people around the world in real-time. The Fun Run is one of best multiplayer race game that you can come up with as it offers a real-time experience with furriest characters.

There are so many cute characters in the game that you need to use race against others, your goal is to remain a cool critter by achieving the last point before all of your furry friends that are playing with, the most interesting feature of game is that there’s limited of force is excessive. It’s all about fun that can keep you busy for so many hours.

Fun Run is online multiplayer cross-platform that as it’s available for both, Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad), it doesn’t really make any matter that wherever you’re. The Fun Run can be downloaded for free from the below link:

Download Fun Run for Android [Google Play Store Link]

2 Player Reactor

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

It is the game for those gaming buffs who like to be active, swift and smart in their gaming skills and prefer to have a sense of humor in their thrilling games. The game 2 Player Reactor, as the name determines is for two players enables to play on the same device at a time. The player can through challenges to their friends or rivals to create the battle of the game, with the power of knowledge and a witty humor too. It is a great choice as a game played in some bar and a perfect ice breaker between the two.

The game features allow not only to have two players at the same time but also it is a multiplayer game as well. It can be played by any age group as it has a big range of so many mini games within it. It has brilliant emoticons, colorful shapes and swift reactions with game controls.

2 Player Reactor is a fast, clean and funny reaction game for two players on the same device. Challenge your friends (or enemies) in a battle of reflexes, wits and knowledge! Great as a bar game, ice breaker or to decide who has to do the dishes! The game has been voted as the best of all android games available in the market and has been awarded by many sites as the best in its own genre. Have fun playing the game:

Download 2 Player Reactor for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Now it’s time to be a ninja! Get active, be swift, grab the weapons and venture the entire world on the fastest pace of this super exciting android phone game. Ninja Action RPG has been ranked as the best ninja game on the android market. For a limited period of time, the player can hit the ground to grab the money gift of $2 value! Over a million players have been playing the Ninja Royale with excitement and craze. This makes it a topper in the Android application arena. The game is fuming the top charts and getting five star user reviews. It has sharp and clever moves infused with the use of thrilling weapons and action packed strategically shifts for the character.

The player can explore his world with his complete action packed items and prizes. The game is getting higher and better reviews. The gorgeous and sizzling avatars in the game make it ever demanding and multiplayer gaming option spice up things more. The game has so much to offer, a complete action pack for every android user.

This game will boost the players’ nerves for the fastest gaming experience, that they would never forget:

Download Ninja Action RPG: Ninja Royale for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Crime City

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

The Crime City is another best Android multiplayer game that you can come up with, as the names shows you that you have to play the game within a crime city, your goal is to make a criminal empire that will make you able to destroy all enemies around the city. Graphics are very good that offers a bit simple interface to understand the game with no trouble, play the game carefully and one day you’ll be the mob boss of the crime city where you can fulfill your desires. The interface is similar to GTA Vice City as you can beat people, steal things, etc.

The game includes a lot of missions that keep challenged for many hours, complete missions to earn money that you can use to buy weapons and cars even real estate properties, your may invite your friends to make a stronger team.

It’s all about crimes, the game is available for free over the Google Play Store, so must give it a try:

Download Crime City for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

The popular multiplayer title from Gameloft, Modern Combat 4, is here to enjoy, you’re a bodyguard for nuclear energy. You have just one option to get rid of global devastation that can be used by just a few elite soldiers, they have to track down and save the world from frighteningly familiar terrorist group.

The “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour” is one of best action shooting game for Android, the interface of game seems very real, it offers console-like graphics, the game is packed with impressive actions that you need to utilized all over the world from Antarctica to Barcelona. This is first Gameloft’s game that features ragdoll effects of Havok Engine.

Gameloft requires $6.99 for the “Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour”, head over to below link to download the game:

Download Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Pool Break Pro (Pool and Snooker)

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Pool Break is a package featuring so many versions of Pool, Snooker, and the popular Crokinole and Carrom board games. The game is packed with 3D graphics while physics seems very realistic, it’s cross-platform game as it’s available for both, Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad), while you can also play the game against computer.

This game suitable for almost all users because, as I said above that, the game is packed with one dozen variations you should try, game-chat is included to chat with your friends & family and other people you want, even you can play the game against Facebook friends, however you need Facebook app to do so. There are four levels of difficulty with regular or hexagonal tables.

UI of game is very good that forces you to give a try to game, however if you still don’t understand anything, simply use the built-in help manuals that shows you how to play. This title costs you just $0.99 (limited time sale offer):

Download Pool Break for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Real Basketball

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Real Basketball – it’s one of great real-life basketball experience to make fun over your Android smartphone and tablet, the game includes both options – single player & multiplayer while there are many fun game modes that you can use to improve your basketball skills (they’re 6 in total).

The game packs so many elements to build up a beautiful personality such as characters, basketballs, uniforms and courts. You’ll get a scoreboard that shows you statistics of game, the game feature so many customization options to customize the interface of game. The more you play, the more you play, you can win cups by unlocking various achievements, if you’re basketball lover, this title can make busy for so many hours, it’s top-rated free sport game for Android:

Download Real Basketball for Android [Google Play Store Link]

VIP Poker

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

It seems that Poker is becoming more and more popular day by day and this is the reason you can meet thousands of poker lovers around the world through online multiplayer poker games like VIP Poker is a great title to make them happy. VIP Poker lets you to play the Texas Hold’em Poker live with thousands of players from around the world. It doesn’t really make matter you’re beginner or expert, the game is suitable for everyone because the game includes different variations of tablets even it force you to feel like Vegas casino. There are 5 and 9 seat Texas Hold’em Poker tables.

VIP Poker is free to play Android game, it’ll give 1,00,000 chips for free for the first time even you can get free additional daily chips. There’s nothing to disturb before you play the game such as account creation, you can play the game with different speeds.

You can download the VIP Poker for your Android smartphones and tablets for free from the below link:

Download VIP Poker for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Shuffle Board

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Shuffle Board is a simple multiplayer board game for Android, it’s addictive to play that can be enjoyed by a single player, two players and computer vs. player games. The interface is very simple but beautiful and user-friendly, this game is easy-to-play but hard to master. Tap on the puck and then swipe upward to throw it. You’ll have 5 pucks for every level to use, once all of them are used, you’ll gain result, you can gain maximum 3 points with every puck.

The Shuffle Board for Android is available for free, this casual game is very good board game for Android smartphones and tablets that you can get from the below link:

Download Shuffle Board for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Scramble With Friends Free

The Best Multiplayer Games for Android

Scramble is another addictive multiplayer game for Android by Zynga, it’s an interesting word game that can force your friends to gather in platform. You have to find as many words in a 4 x 4 grid of letters and it’s important to keep in mind that you have just two minutes to fullfil your desires, however you have so many options to achieve the goal like you can move horizontally, diagonally and vertically for any direction you want.

It’s like a fun for you and your friends, actions you take work quickly, you have option to challenge your friends in 3, you can login with facebook account to play with friends or select a random challenge. Scramble is also free Android game to make fun with friends:

Download Scramble for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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