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The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Puzzle games are really helpful to make you an intelligent guy, because they force you to think and you can use puzzle games to check logic as well as your reflexes. They may keep you busy on research work while improving your math skills and this is the reason puzzle games are suitable for all ages whether you’re kids or young.

It’s being said that lovers of puzzle games had not so many choices in past and of course you’re agree with this term but inventions of mobile games have created a storm in puzzle game market as almost all of mobile app stores are flooded with numerous puzzle games such as Android App Store (Google Play).

It’s pretty easy to keep you challenged with Android games. Here we have collected some of best puzzle games for Android smartphones and tablet that are able to make you think, so you’ll be busy for hours. It’s an entertainment as puzzle games can be played without getting bored, so take a look at below list to enjoy this fun.

Where’s My Water?

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Where’s My Water – a popular puzzle game that is available for almost all mobile platforms such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, Windows Phone Store and BlackBerry App World by the virtue of numerous interesting puzzles. I recommend it especially to students of physics as it’s a physics-based puzzle game, graphics and interface of game is very good, everything is pretty easy to control, “where’s my water?” is a combination of three stories that you have to complete with almost 400 puzzles to be a winner, the game, as I said, is easy to play but hard to master.

The character of game, Swampy, is an alligator that lives in sewers, he owns a bit different personality, whenever he gets tired, he love to use a shower. But other alligators disturb him as they have destroyed his plumbing and disrupted the water flow, so you should help him by giving him water, this story includes 200 levels, the next one is CRANKY’S STORY that is also an alligator that like everything to eat expect vegetable and you need to use dirty purple water to clean off Cranky’s plate. The last one are MYSTERY DUCK LEVELS where you need gather ducks.

“Where’s My Water?” can make you challenged for so many days, it cost you just $0.99, head over to below link to download the game:

Download Where’s My Water? for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Draw Something Free

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Do love to draw? Well! This is one of best Android app to make you able to draw things carefully like a professional right on your Android smartphone and tablet, it’s a social drawing and guessing game to experience different arts. There are up to 900 words that you can play with by drawing them even the game offers 5 free Bombs.

Draw something is very addictive to make fun, it’s available for both, Android and iPhone/iPad, you can challenge anyone you want through Facebook or Twitter or make new friends through game platforms. The gameplay is turn-based, you have option to turn drawing and guessing at your own pace.

Draw Something is very interesting and funny game that you can try, there are two attention-grabbing categories, excellent or incredibly terrible, the puzzle of game is guess option, all you need to is guess what your competitor is drawing, pick a word and draw it using different colors.

This is a place where all friends can test each other, give hint and guess what’s true, Draw Something is available for free over the Play Store:

Download Draw Something for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Sudoku Free

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Sudoku (aka Number Place) has been one of well-known number placement puzzle game for many years, there are different girds that you have to fill up with digits, all box contains digits from 1 to 9, this puzzle packs a partially completed grid that is like a unique answer, the game is impressive paper puzzle to keep you busy for so many days.

This Sudoku version shines with a nice gameplay, graphics and interface of game is very good, interface is smooth, it’s a brain training tool that you should keep in your pocket. There are 1500 Sudoku in total, the game features 5 different levels of difficulty, select any of them depending on your personal choice, it includes easy, medium, hard, and extreme levels. The game features two sets of Sudoku board art and fonts while two modes for notes taking are also included. The gameplay is easy to understand, you can undo your last actions and use the hint section too.

Sudoku is a challenge to make you to busy for so many days and as the name shows you that it’s free:

Download Sudoku Free for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Bejeweled 2

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Bejeweled is another popular puzzle game for mobiles and here’s Bejeweled 2 developed by EA Swiss Sarl for Android smartphones and tablets, the interface of game is optimized to offer a dazzling display and spot-on performance. For unfamiliar, Bejeweled is color matching puzzle, you need to match colors of different blocks to destroy them, match sparkling gems 3 at a time and it will wipe them, the more you match, the more you wipe.

Yes, you need to gather 3 blocks of same color at least but it doesn’t mean that you can’t gather up to 3 blocks, you can blast 4 or more blocks that are already available to make power gems and it will improve the score section. It’s important to note that your matching blocks must be in same shape.

Multi-faceted puzzles are also included, whenever you don’t find a solution, hit up the hint section to get help, the gameplay is really interesting and this is the reason the title “Bejeweled” is very addictive to select. Bejeweled 2 is available for $3.36, head over to link given below to download the game. Keep in mind that downloading may take time, so it’s worth to wait:

Download Bejeweled 2 for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Angry Words (Apalabrados)

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Word games are extremely additive, I can remember that people had played word puzzle games in school and colleges on extra papers and now thanks to game development community, they’re able to enjoy them on smartphones and tablets, here in this puzzle game roundup I’m recommending you the popular Angry Word (Apalabrados), it’s available for many game platforms such as Android, App Store (iPhone) and even on Facebook.

Angry Word is one of best word puzzle game for Android that you can come up with right now, give it a try individually or challenge anyone you want, play Angry Word anywhere you’re against anyone you wish for, you can challenge anyone by making your words and it will force them to think, in other words you can say that it’s exercise that you can use to check how much intelligent you or your friend is.

There are unlimited simultaneous games to enjoy on Android, you can develop a letter using ones in the board, bonus square is also included to hit up more points, it depends on you that how many points you can earn by thinking carefully. The interface is very a bit stylish but easy to understand and the gameplay is nice. The game supports 12 different languages.

Angry word is a platform where you can gather your friends to create a challenging environment and it’s available for free:

Download Angry Word for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Hidden Object

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Eyesight is a best way to interpret the surrounding environment by processing information that is contained in visible light, however, you just tell me that how much yours eyesight powerful is? Ever tried to check that? Here’s one of best technique to do so with no trouble, download and install the “Hidden Object” puzzle game right on your Android smartphone and tablet.

As the name shows you that all you need to do is find hidden objects on pictures given in game, it seeks and find skills you own, all pictures contains a series of a hidden objects, you have option to replay a scene many times in different configurations, the game features three difficulty levels (easy, medium or hard).

You have limited time, so see and catch every objects carefully, hint section is also included in the game that you can use to get the location of an item from the scene but keep in mind that all of them are limited, so don’t use all within one turn, however you may unlock all of them using the store. Do everything as quick as you can, it’s fun for so many hours that you can enjoy for free:

Download Hidden Object for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Unblock Me FREE

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Unlock Me – a simple but very interesting puzzle for Android users, it’s really addictive to play, the interface is pretty simple, you have to take the red block out of board by utilizing your best skills, this game is a can be used as a handy tool to keep anyone challenged for so many days as the game includes 4200 puzzles to enjoy.

Unblock Me™ FREE is a simple and addictive puzzle game. The goal is to get the red block out of the board by sliding the other blocks out of the way. Unblock Me™ FREE comes with 4 difficult levels ranging from Beginner to Expert. There are 4200 puzzles in total, worth hundred hours of playing to keep you challenged.

The game features 4 levels of difficulty and 2 modes, challenge mode and relax mode, challenge mode force you to solve puzzle while relax mode shows you how to solve puzzle. You can use the hint section while undo system is also included, the game save record of puzzles you’ve solved. You need to unlock achievements to a place your name in a good rank.
Unlock Me is interesting fun, however it’s suitable for just genius, you can download the game from the below link for free:

Download Unlock Me Free for Android [Google Play Store Link]

Jigsaw Puzzles

The Best Puzzle Games for Android

Jigsaw is another interesting puzzle game that brings us to childhood, however the game is still popular and this version is suitable for all ages. Don’t buy any jigsaw puzzle, simply turn your Android device into a jigsaw puzzle using this game app. It’s a tiling puzzle, think carefully and make a perfect picture by placing all pieces on perfectly.

This game includes so many puzzles to solve, there are 4 modes in total that are regular jigsaw, shuffle, swap, and rotate while pieces are 9 to 576 pieces, however it’s important to note that number of pieces depends on the display resolution of your Android device. Jigsaw puzzle is also available for free over the play store:

Download Jigsaw Puzzles for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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