What applications to start with your new android tablet?

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What applications to start with your new android tablet?

If you have decided to get an android device and don’t know what to do about it then you must know that android devices get good with the good applications. So if anyone asks you about it you will have to tell them that they have to install good applications. Also, it gets more fun when you can get amazing applications for free. So, search for a free application.Now you must be thinking how to get the rite free application.

This article will tell you what to do with your new android device. This will give you list and details about a few fun, interesting and important applications for android devices which are absolutely free. So you will not have to waste time in downloading and testing the application you will know what to download and what not straight away!

So read the article carefully in order to make your android device/tablet unique and entertaining.

Snapseed (free):

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

Snapseed is an image editing application for android tablets or Ipads. It has good image editing features. You can download clip art images through this application. You can edit your pictures with the clip art images. It has all other basic features for image editing like, saturation, contrast, brightness, crop photo etc. also it has auto edit option to make your image look better.

There are also several photo effects which are really cool and you will definitely like them. Snapseed also gives the ability to take the photos from cloud services like dropbox for the editing purpose. Another application is pixlr express which google introduced for android applications. It has the ability to control the color and very classic black and white picture editing tool as well.

Download Snapseed for Android[Google Play Store Link]

DroidEdit (free):

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

Definitely you will need a text editor for android tablet. Text editors are important in every way. Whether you are a student, writer or a professional you will have to write and edit. It can edit emails, texts etc. this application is for both coding and writing purposes. You can turn the code or writer mode whenever you need it and then turn it off.This is the best feature of droidedit.

You can also change the color scheme and font color of the application. This application is very much flexible than any other application. It will also help you to manage and organize the text files. Of course everyone needs to manage the text files according to the preferences. This application will help you do so. Also, the amazing thing of this application is auto correct and also spelling grammar checks. You can easily move files from this application to any other application or even your computer.

This application has two versions. One version which is free of all the costs and charges has text ad in the middle or lower side of the page. It changes after few minutes or seconds. This is really annoying sometimes. If you are tired of it then buy the price version which costs 1.99$ and has no ads. Choice is yours weather you want to be annoyed by the ads or you want to work free of distractions.

Download DroidEdit for Android[Google Play Store Link]

Google Drive (free):

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

The Google drive application is a very good application for android tablets. It worked better and perfectly on the tablets. This drive application will allow you to open and edit the documents you need to edit at once. It has utility options to make new Google files. Also helps to create spreadsheets right in the applications. It writes the contents by its date and time.  It helps to open other text editing applications.

Download Google Drive for Android[Google Play Store Link]

Pocket (free):

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

This application allows you to read and write stuff on your tablets. Also you can play, edit and store your images and videos in this application. It helps in reading articles and other stuff like news and information from internet websites and many other things.  I Instapaper is also good application but we recommend pocket application for android tablets. This is more convenient and easy to use application also it is harmless to use and free of cost. It will not ruin any of your documentation.

Download Pocket for Android[Google Play Store Link]

Imo (free)

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

Imo.im is able to handle all kinds of messengers in your android tablet PC. There is option for Facebook, twitter and MySpace and many other messengers. It had a few hijack messages problems in the past but now its new versions are absolutely safe and free to use. So now you can use this application free of cost and free of all the viruses etc. it is absolutely safe to use now.

It also allows using GTALK and viber messenger. It also allows you to use Skype on android tablet. Hope that the above applications will satisfy your needs for your new android tablet. These applications are all purpose android applications. You can take full use of them.

Download Imo for Android[Google Play Store Link]

MX Player (free)

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

It’s great to watch movies on Android tablets because of impressive experience to get and you need a best video player to do so, MX Player is one of best media player to play your videos on your Android-powered tablet, the app includes a lot of handy video features to make your life trouble-free. The app includes multi-core decoding performance, it features pinch to zoom to zoom pixels easily.

The app claims to play any format you want even for free such as DVD, DVB, SSA/ASS Subtitle tracks, SubStation Alpha(.ssa/.ass) with full styling, SAMI(.smi/.sami) with ruby tag support, SubRip(.srt),  MicroDVD(.sub/.txt), SubViewer2.0(.sub), MPL2(.mpl/.txt), PowerDivX(.psb/.txt) and TMPlayer(.txt). So if you’re man who often like to watch movies on your Android tablet instead of any other gadget like me, head over t the below to link to download MX Player for your Android device.

Download MX Player for Android[Google Play Store Link]

Tablified Market HD

What applications to start with your new android tablet?

If you’re looking for some more apps and all should be optimized for Android tablets, look no further because Tablified Market HD is one of best platform where you can start. You can easily get tablet-specific Android apps using the Tablified Market HD, discovering apps is like fun with this Android app. There are both versions are available – free and pro, the pro version costs you $1.99 and it’s ad-free, faster, sort categories by free and paid apps, increase font size and more.

Download Tablified Market HD for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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