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Word Twisting and Puzzling Using cross-platform – Ruzzle Game Review

Word games are entertaining, exhilarating and rewarding they can work out brain cells in the process. There are varieties of puzzle games that are available on the APP Store such as word games, pairing cards and more. So users can easily download them or they can purchase them as well. All these amazing games have one thing in common; they are so addictive that players spend a decent amount of time playing them. Word games or puzzle games are built to keep players entertained, as well as boost their mind in those boring hours of daily life. Word puzzle games are entertaining and they grab user’s attention at the same time. To resolve word games the players should understand the guidelines and rules of the game.

Word games generally develop a source of entertainment but they are considered very helpful in educational purpose as well. Words game is one of the excellent ways that enhances the user’s vocabulary. However it becomes tricky to find an original game when so many thousands of them are available on the APP Store such as Apples to Apples, Boggles, Balderdash, Bulls Eye, Password, Scrabble, Ruzzle and more.

RUZZLE is an Android, social online cross multiplayer word game, where they can challenge their friends, family or colleagues. This is a fun game that allows players to play through 2 minutes round making as many words as possible so they can store the most points and win. Players can discover many words in a limited time on the board by placing their finger on the word across the screen. It features fast game play and includes integration with social networking platforms, RUZZLE is an easy game to play but at the same time it is still challenging.

The basic rules of this game are quite simple; this game functions well and is designed attractively. This game is suitable for users who like addictive puzzle games. They find its simplicity refreshing and the game play challenging, while there are not negative aspects to this game that makes it stand out from the crowd.

RUZZLE Free installs very quickly and players do not need any registration to play the game. Users can register with one click through Facebook and Twitter, if players choose the route to play the game via Facebook, all their opponents will be added to their permission list.


Word Twisting and Puzzling Using cross-platform – Ruzzle Game Review

This game includes easy to use interface. The main screen permits players to start a new game; they can continue with old games or view previous scores as well. When players start a new game they must choose who they play with. Fine audio and pleasant animations make it even more fun to play. Graphically RUZZLE Free looks good with clean and colorful graphics and neat simple sound effects.


The gameplay is quite simple, the game board is displayed as a letter grid, RUZZLE Free consist of a four by four grid of letters, playing RUZZLE players can compete online against players from around the world. The players just find a word and they highlight it by simply dragging their finger across the letter on the game board upward, downward, backward or in any direction. Each word offers a specific number of points and some letters offer double and even triple point bonuses.

The game includes three rounds and each round is timed and naturally at the end of the round the player with the highest score wins. RUZZLE Free not only offers players to play against other players but also against but they can also play against them as well, as a major objective to beat their own high scores. There are also achievements that players can unlock when they find high scoring words or do extremely well in a particular round.


RUZZLE Free is available in different languages such as

  • English
  • Danish
  • Norwegian
  • French
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Swedish
  • Brazilian
  • Spanish
  • Italian and more


Anybody looking for a great word game or a puzzle game that will entertain for hours then RUZZLE is one of the best available. It is very intuitive in its design and players don not face any problem playing it immediately. This gameplay is very interesting and attractive at the same time. Users can enjoy this game with their family, friends or colleagues via Facebook, Twitter and other sharing networks and they can set their highest scores.

Download Ruzzle for Android [Google Play Store Link]

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