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iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 – Fight to become Best

Apple has always been claiming that Samsung is copying their gadgets, Apple also won a case “rubber-banding patent” (Patent No, 7,469,381) against Samsung and Samsung had to pay $1billion to Apple for this fight but it has now been invalid according to United States Patent and Trademark Office. But the Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 wasn’t similar to Apple gadgets, however Google has launched a similar 7-inch “Nexus 7” tablet and Apple too known as iPad mini. This is the first time when Apple launched a gadget which is similar to Android gadgets.

After a lot of rumors finally Apple launched the iPad mini that is packed with impressive specs and features but is it better than Android 7-inch tablets such as Nexus 7? Google launched the Nexus 7 almost four months ago and according to a recent report Google has sold almost 1 million Nexus 7 unites and of course Nexus 7 is one best mini tablet of 2012, it runs latest Android version and gives a great experience, I hasn’t seen even one negative review about the Nexus 7 and the tablet makes tasks easier for me and I love this tablet but will iPad mini do the same too, which one is better iPad mini or Nexus 7?

During the iPad mini event the Phil Schiller also compared the new petty iPad to Nexus 7, he went through slide after slide and quote after quote for trashing the Nexus 7 but it seems that it’s not possible, his compassion doesn’t make sense because Nexus 7 has powerful specs and features even it’s cheaper than the Apple’s new tablet.

Let’s compare them, iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 isn’t a trouble-free fight, both are high-end tablets of this year, this fight is one of the best example that can come up with. I have divided the comparison of these kickass tablets into different parts, this is because it can provide comprehensive detail about them and you’ll be able to easily share your thoughts about them. We’re comparing these tablets because both will play an important part in the market and you might get confused which one you should buy.

Display, Design and Size

iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 – Fight to become Best

Both tablets comes with an impressive display, the Google Nexus 7 tablet offers a 7-inch display featuring 1280 x 800 resolution at 16:10 aspect ratio, which means the Pixel Per Inch (PPI) density is  216. Of course, this not a best display currently available in markets but it catch your attention with better brightness, impressive color reproduction and decent viewing angles. All these facts makes it impressive.

When you take a look at quality and design, ASUS manufactured a sleek and eye-catching bird for Google, it sounds a glossy black bezel surrounds the display that would be helpful for those of you who love to stream videos or read books on tablets, its soft rubbery material on the back is also powerful, it’s like a steel. Let’s talk about the dimension, the Google Nexus 7 is 198.5 x 120 x 10.5 mm, and its weighs is 340 g, not very lightest but impressive.

When it comes to Apple’s tablet, the iPad mini comes with 7.9-inch display featuring 1024 x 768 pixel resolution at 4:3 aspect ratio, which is PPI density of just 162, thus Google Nexus 7 features a better display but it’s also important to note that iPad mini actually has roughly 35% more screen real estate than the Google Nexus 7. The new smaller iPad offers a uni-body aluminum design, it’s thinner than the Nexus 7, it’s just 7.2 mm thick and weighs is 317.5 grams that is also lower than the Nexus 7 but it doesn’t make matter, it’s not a big difference but it’s better than nothing.


iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 – fight to become best

The first thing people see is designs and after analyzing them the next thing that make matter is hardware, how much powerful hardware of your tablet are? So let’s talk about them, hardware shows effect on the performance of the tablet, both are high-end tablets, Nexus 7 and iPad mini both offers same battery time but the quality also make matter, iPad mini uses Apple system chip and on the other hand Google Nexus use Nvidia processor, the fight between these petty tablets is below, take a look at below colum of specs and features to get a clear detail about them.


Apple iPad Mini

Google Nexus 7

CPU Chip:  Dual-core 1 GHz Cortex-A9 – Apple A5 Nvidia Tegra 3 – Quad-core 1.3 GHz Cortex-A9
RAM:  512MB (not confirmed) 1GB
CDMA Network: 800 / 1900 / 2100 – A1455 800 / 1900 / 2100 – CDMA A1429
GSM Network:  850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – A1454/ A1455 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 – GSM A1428
Rear Back Camera: 5MP with 2592×1944 pixels, touchfocus No
Front Camera:  1.2 Facetime HD 1.2MP
Video:   720p@30fps 1080p@30fps
Audio:  640 x 1136 pixels
Internal Storage:  16GB/32GB/64GB 8GB/16GB/32GB
External Storage:  No No
LTE:  Yes Yes
NFC:   No Yes
Bluetooth  4.0  Yes
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n, dual-band Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n
USB:  2.0 2.0
Battery:  Li-Po (16.3 Wh) Li-Ion 4325 mAh


OS and Apps – discussion on ecosystem

iPad mini vs. Nexus 7 – fight to become best

As almost all you know well that both companies use different operating system and different platform for apps for their gadgets – Android and iOS, Google Play Store and App Store. The ASUS Nexus 7 runs the latest Android version – Android 4.1 Jelly Bean, since this is pure Google’s device, it will receive every latest Android update quickly when Google will release. This is the first tablet that comes with Jelly Bean out of the box and Jelly Bean introduce a lot of new features and apps, the update is famous due to smooth performance as well as new Google Now search feature, the notification bar is very advanced now as well as other apps too.

Android is most popular operating system out there, this is because it’s open source and fully customizable, you can customize almost all aspects of your Android device, you have option to install apps from any source you want and can customize the operating system in different ways such as installation of custom ROMs, custom MODs, tweaks and more. Mostly those of you select Android whi have better information about customization on mobiles and tablets. When you buy an Android device, there may be a few restrictions of manufacturer on your phone but Android development can void them via rooting and enables you to do anything with your Android device you want.

When it comes to Apple OS, the new iPad mini runs the latest Apple mobile operating system – iOS 6, in recent times Apple release the iOS 6 along with iPhone 5, the newer version of OS improves the integration of social networks, it also improves the voice assistant that comes with iPhone 4S “Siri”, now you can ask more questions from Siri such as questions about supports and you can ask Siri to launch your apps. But Apple’s limitations over gadgets are more than Android, you have option to download and install the apps only from App Store, however jailbreaking voids a few limitations of  Apple over your device and enables you download and install apps from the Cydia store that is packed with a lot of useful but free tweaks. But you can’t customize your Apple iPad mini anymore, it would almost offers same features all the time, even if you often use maps on your gadget, don’t use any iOS 6 device because iOS 6 maps aren’t very detailed. However Apple may acquire the Google Maps app from Google in future, but there’s no official word.

Mostly iPad apps are better optimized than Android tablet apps but Google also optimized them with the release of Nexus 7, there are a lot of apps for the Nexus 7 offering great graphics. Overall Android is best OS out there.


Price proved that Nexus 7 is a budget tablet, the new smaller iPad does not top off the Google Nexus 7 tablet in any conceivable way, I haven’t understand that why iPad mini is so expensive. As I mention in above hardware that the iPad mini is available in three models – 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, the 16GB mode will cost you $329 as well as 32GB will cost you $429 and 64GB model will cost you $529 even Wi-Fi and LTE support will add $130 too.

On the other hand the Nexus 7 is currently available in two models – 8GB and 16GB, Google will release the 32GB Nexus 7 model soon that is currently available at Stables but not ready for might be Google will release 32GB Nexus on October 29 at Android event and $249 price for 32GB model has been rumored. Nexus 7 8GB model cost you just $200 and 16GB model cost you $250, this model offers better specs for $249 than the iPad mini.


The iPad mini features 35% more screen real state and it’s a slimmest tablet out there and on the other hand Nexus 7 catch the attention due to amazing display, NFC and Tegra Zone. The iPad mini is bit expensive too. Analyzing is over now, everything is at front of you eyes, the Nexus 7 lacks 64GB model but iPad mini lakes Google Maps and NFC and it’s expensive, so which tablet you like?

If you ask from me, the choice depends on taste, so don’t forget to let us know which you like and for what? Do let us know your thoughts about them in the below comment section.

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