How To Add and Remove Apps From Any Custom ROM

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How To Add and Remove Apps From Any Custom ROM

Every Android device comes with different pre-installed apps but most of you don’t like these apps and want to delete all unwanted apps, you can’t remove the pre-installed apps without rooting your device, first you’ll root the device, then you’ll remove these apps. The same problem is with custom ROMs, different custom ROMs comes with different pre-installed apps but you don’t need these apps, so what you should do to remove the pre-installed apps?

Thanks to XDA developer _Logie who developed a awesome tool to remove the pre-installed apps from the custom ROMs named APK Swapper. No it’s not a mobile app, which can be installed on your mobile phone and enables you to remove your desired apps from the device. It’s just a PC application, you’ll have to install this application on your PC, just download the app and run on your PC, then drag the ROM file in its unaltered .zip format onto the window and presto, you’ll get a list of different apps in the ROM, and next as usual select the apps you want to delete and click on delete.

The app also enables you to inject your own APK files into the ROM, what a great feature, if you’re one of those install custom ROMs, use this app and add your own apps to the ROM and delete the unwanted files from the ROM.

In simple words, you can customize the apps of any custom ROM with this useful tool, however the app is still in beta stage and the developer is working on the app to improve its features, but you no need to worry, the app is in development but works like a charm, so you can try this tool without any difficulty, so head over to the original thread of XDA here, download the APK Swapper from the thread.

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