How to root Samsung devices with CF-Auto-Root tool


How to root Samsung devices with CF-Auto-Root tool

Chainfire is one of elite senior XDA developer, he’s well-known because of his CF-Root tool that is available for Samsung smartphones and tablets, it support so many Samsung smartphones and tablets but not all of them. Rooting gives super users rights over your Android device, it makes you able to customize the every aspect of your Android device.

However it’s not pretty easy and it also voids warranty of your Android device but Chainfire is root specialist has fix to get rid of this problem, the CF-Auto-Root tool is even can used for newbies, the tool. But it’s also important to note that the CF-Root tool increase the flash counter of your phone, but you can reset the flash counter using the Triangle Away app.

Have full control over the phone with rooting and follow the below guide to learn how to root Samsung smartphones and tablets using CF-Auto-Root tool. Use a Windows PC with USB phone drivers installed, you may download drivers from here.

DISCLAIMER: Please proceed the below guide at your own risk, Android Egis will not be held responsible if your device lost data or gets damaged following this guide.


Step #1: Download CF-Auto-Root tool for your Android device from here (official page).

Step #2: Unzip the downloaded zip file into a folder.

Step #3: Open the folder where you’ve unzipped the above CF-Auto-Root tool package.

Step #4: Run the Odin3-v1.85.exe.

Step #5: Turn off your Samsung device and reboot into download mode by holding down volume down, home and power buttons.

Step #6: Plug the device to PC and Odin will detect it, ID:COM will turn yellow and a message saying ADDED will appear. (Note: If Odin doesn’t detect the device, make sure that USB drivers are properly installed on your computer).

Step #7: Click on PDA Button and locate .tar.md5 file from the folder where you’ve unzipped above files in the step 2. (Note: Don’t make any change, just make sure that re-partition is unchecked).

Step #8: Click on Start button to start installation and wait for Android to boot, a modified recovery and cache partition will be flashed, which will install (only) SuperSU, then clean-up the cache partition and re-flash the stock recovery, then your phone will reboot into recovery where the tool will root the device, most devices will do this automatically after flashing these files, but in case that does not happen, please boot into recovery manually (Note: If Odin refuse to install the update and show message FAIL, or get stuck, close the Odin and unplug device, then pull out battery from the device for a few seconds. Then put the battery back to the device and reboot into download mode. Then start the process again).

That’s it, you’re done, your Samsung smartphone is rooted now enjoy! If you experience any error, holler in comment section and be sure to visit the Chainfire XDA profile here to thanks/donate him for this great effort. Be sure to try Triangle Away Android app to reset the flash counter if you want.

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  1. sally

    March 6th, 2013

    hi i just tried rooting my samsung note 10 N8020 everything went ok but when i ask for root checker to check if rooted it just says checking if rooted but system seems to be working slow. never finishes the check. also i tried titanium backup, that sticks on asking for root rights and gets no further. any ideas whats wrong thanks


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