How To Unlock Carrier for Sprint Galaxy S3


How To Unlock Carrier for Sprint Galaxy S3

Sometime when you go abroad where your carrier signals aren’t available and you don’t have extra money to get rid of the problem, what you should do? Some people love to void the restriction of carrier on their smartphone that is debatable but of course it’s helpful to save your extra money as it enables you to use the SIM of any other carrier, it’s a bit easy way to switch to another carrier with no trouble.

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S3 that use the Sprint carrier and you’re looking for way to unlock this carrier due to any reason, worry not here you can do so. Thanks to XDA developer pid1981, he has found a way to unlock Sprint Galaxy S3 carrier, all you need to do is the changing of SPC code of your phone to 000000 and you’ll be able to use your Sprint Galaxy S3 with other CDMA carriers.

So if you’re itching to unlock your Sprint Galaxy S3 carrier to use the SIM card of any other CDMA carrier that support your phone, head over to original XDA thread here as there you can find a step-by-step guide to do so, the method is simple and easy to follow, enjoy!

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