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Install Android Ice Cream Sandwich On Your Nokia N9 [How-To]

Good news for that owners of Nokia N9, now they can enjoy Ice Cream Sandwich OS on their N9 in a separate partition. If you are interested follow below guide to install it, but first please note that this doesn’t show any effect on current MeeGo setup but for safety you should do a backup, please use Windows PC, and the below guide is bit risky for that please be careful, especially when typing in commands etc, and proceed at your own risk.


Step #1: First you’ll have to go to Settings > Security > Device Lock > Autolock and turn it OFF.

Step #2: Download the Flasher program to flash the N9 with WinFlasher-3.12.1.exe.

Step #3: Now install the downloaded file to PC and install it to the folder C:Program FilesNokiaFlasher when prompted.

Step #4: Turn the phone off and it shouldn’t be connect with PC.

Step #5: Download NaviFirm

Step #6: Unzip it and install it on PC.

Step #7: open NaviFirm and then select the Nokia N9 from the far left list, then select 30.2012.7.1 from the second list, then look for your version of the Nokia N9 in the last list (you can better decide by looking under the SIM tray for the 7 character identifier, type in that identifier in the last list to easily find your version) and select it.

Step #8: Once it is selected click Unmark all at the top, then look through that list and only check the one that starts with DFL61 AND has the word LEGACY in it.

Step #9: Now click on “Browse” next to “Save to” on the right and choose the folder C:Program FilesNokiaFlasher and also uncheck the “Use productcode as final path”

Step #10: Click Download.

Step #11: Download the Kernel file and save it inside the folder C:Program FilesNokiaFlasher

Step #12: Open the command prompt on your computer by opening the start menu and typing cmd in the search box and hitting enter.

Step #13: In the command prompt type the following with hitting enter at the end of each line:

cd C:Program FilesNokiaFlasher
flasher -a DFL61_HARMATTAN_30.2012.07-1_PR_LEGACY_005-OEM1-958_ARM.bin -k zImage –flash-only=kernel -f –R

Step #14: After hitting enter at the last line, plug the USB cable into the phone first then plug the other end into the computer and wait a few seconds for it to start flashing the phone.

Step #15: Now you need to install Sillyboot, so first disconnect the device from PC and turn it on if it isn’t on already.

Step #16: On your device, go to Settings > Security > Developer Mode and turn it ON. This will restart the device and download some apps, say yes to all the prompts.

Step #17: Connect the device again to PC using USB cable and USB Storage mode so we can transfer files to it.

Step #18: Download the Sillyboot file to PC.

Step #19: Copy the Sillyboot file to the Nokia N9 in the MyDocs folder and unplug the device.

Step #20: Now Open Terminal on the Nokia N9 and type the following into it with hitting enter at the end of each line (when asked for a password put in rootme):

tar xjvf /home/user/MyDocs/sillyboot.tar.bz2 -C /

Step #21: Now you’ll install Ice Cream Sandwich so download the ICS ROM to PC.

Step #22: Connect the device to PC using USB cable and select USB Storage mode so we can transfer files to it.

Step #23: Copy the file to your Nokia N9 in the MyDocs folder.

Step #24: Disconnect the device from PC and Open Terminal on the Nokia N9 and type the following into it with hitting enter at the end of each line (when asked for a password put in rootme):

tar xjvf /home/user/MyDocs/nninedroid_ics_alpha1.tar.bz2 -C /home/

Step #25: Now turn off the Nokia N9 and then turn it back on. When prompted, hit the Volume Up button to boot into the “alternative OS” and wait a while for it to boot for the first time.

Step #26: Soon as your device boots in to Android, go to Settings > Display > Sleep and change the option to 30 minutes (there is a known issue that sometimes when it goes to sleep it will turn off the phone). And to boot back to regular MeeGo, simply turn off the phone and turn it back on.

That’s it, all credit goes to The Unlocker for this effort.


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