Unlock Bootloader of Asus Transformer TF700 Officially [How-To]


Unlock Bootloader of Asus Transformer TF700 Officially [How-To]

Customization is what, people love Android for, most of you buy an Android device because Android is an open source mobile operating system. Before you do anything with your Android device, the first thing you have to do is unlocking bootloader and if you own an ASUS Transformer TF700T, you can easily do so.

Asus Transformer TF700T packed with powerful features but its bootloader was locked upon shipping from the factory, people can’t live without unlocking bootloader, and due to demands developers and other people, ASUS has released the official bootloader unlock tool for the device. The tool is similar to HTC tools, however you’ll face less limitations on the usage of this tool than HTC.

As most of you know well that bootloader unlocking will void the warranty of your device, so think before you proceed. But it will allow you to install custom recoveries, ROMs, root, apply hacks and much more. Do note that this tool is just for TF700t running Ice Cream Sandwich.

The tool is pretty easy to use, before you unlock, first I’ll recommend you to make a backup of your device data such as SMS, internet setting, contacts music files etc because the procedure may wipe data, you can sync your contacts with Gmail account and for messages use SMS apps, lastly use file expert app to backup apps.

DISCLAIMER: Please proceed the below guide at your own risk, Android Egis will not be held responsible if your device lost data or get damaged following this guide.


Step #1: Download ASUS Bootloader tool from here.

Step #2: Save the UnLock_Device_App_V7.apk) to device,

Step #3: Install the apk you saved in previous step.

Step #4: Run the Device Unlocked Tool. First you’ll notice Asus Conditions Scroll down and agree to the terms.

Step #5: Now you’ll notice Asus Conditions “I accept” Big button “remove the device by pressing the lock”.

Step #6: Enter email and press ok.

Step #7: Now the device is rebooting, on left corner is “Device is unlocked” to be seen, after that “Device is unlocked” to be seen.

That’s it. The bootloader of your Asus Transformer TF700T.

Via: XDA

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