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20 Breathtaking Nexus 7 Wallpapers

In these days, the term wallpapers is not only secluded to the interior decoration only but it also contains any image, photo or pic which can displayed on any type of electronic device (such as PC, Laptops & Mobiles) with desktop. Furnishing the desktop with different kinds of unique, charming and outstanding wallpapers is become a hobby now-a-days and everybody is looking for the brand new, stylish and the best wallpapers for his precious device especially in festive days just like Christmas, Valentine’s Day and the Happy New Year.

In this regard, here in this round up, I am presenting you a Happy New Year gift in the form of creative wallpapers with the name of 20 Breathtaking Nexus 7 Wallpapers. Nexus 7 is the first tablet computer which belongs to the Google nexus series that is proudly presented by Google with Asus. It has 7 inch (180 mm) screen that can support high definition multimedia and wallpapers that’s why these best wallpapers are made, designed and established with a point of view to make sure that they should be perfectly fit on this precious device and enhance the grace of the desktop of Nexus 7.

The variety includes in this collection give the facility to get the top and the best wallpaper according to the taste of all the users this is the reason that these wallpapers can fulfill the demand of every person. These interesting wallpapers are carefully well designed that the users of other devices like PC and mobiles may also furnish the desktop of their device through them. Enjoy the outstanding wallpapers in this collection and show them to your community, friends and love ones to share the gladness of life together.




A set of bubbles in some kind of yellow liquid(which may be Beer) can be seen in this outstanding wallpaper that creates a real impact. I am sure that will enhance the appearance of your set.

2-Leaves with Colors

Leaves with Colors

Everyone likes the natural beauty and colorful environment. These leaves with different artificial colors make a wonderful looks and outstanding as well as eye catching appearance.

3-Forested Area

Forested Area

This forested area is just like an orchard with full of aspen trees make an artistic look which make a mind blowing and eye catching appearance.

4- Colorful Pattern

Colorful Pattern

Wow! You can see a unique pattern of an abstract art with beautiful and eye catching colors. It is high definition and can be perfectly displayed on your precious device of Nexus 7.

5- Autumn Forest

Autumn Forest

If you want to see the season of autumn on the desktop of your own hand set of Nexus 7, this wallpaper of Autumn Forest should be your best choice.

6- White Clouds

White Clouds

A bright sky with a small group of white clouds makes a beautiful looks and the feelings of freshness on the viewer that give the desktop of your Nexus 7a fresh and charming looks.

7- Water Life

Water Life

We know that the life is also in progress beneath the underwater as well. This wallpaper contains Clownfish and Bubble-Tipped Anemone in the water that makes a real impact when displaying on Nexus 7.

8-Lighted Earth

Lighted Earth

It is science fiction wallpaper that includes the earth with a white light beam which is coming from the outer space that creates a strange feeling in the minds of the viewer.

9-Dark Abstract

20 Breathtaking Nexus 7 Wallpapers

This wallpaper is made up of an artificial abstracts with various colors with the ability totakeyour worries awaybecause of its fantastic looks.

10- Colorful Greeneries

Colorful Greeneries

These leaves with different colors and full of life as well as a flat background make a wonderful impression on the desktop of every electronic device especially your Nexus 7.

11- Dewdrops on Grass

Dewdrops on Grass

These fresh drops of dew on the green grass in a newly born morning make a feeling of cleanliness and make a message of Good Moring on your Nexus 7.

12- Alternate Universe

Alternate Universe

An external space image of this artificial and imaginary Galaxy shows a science fiction idea of alternate universe as it is different from the original universe.

13- 3D Boxes

20 Breathtaking Nexus 7 Wallpapers

This room seems full with so many 3D boxes that you can take to your Nexus 7 desktop.

14- Wall of Wood

Wall of Wood

This amazing and strange wallpaper contains different colorful and unique kinds of wooden pieces that are one of its kind and fabulous when displaying on the desktop of Nexus 7.

15- Alone in the Dark

Alone in the Dark

This creative wallpaper of a kid who thinks that he is living alone in the dark but a bright future is waiting for him.It’s not just great looking wallpaper but it gives us a message as well.

16- Dancing Peacock

Dancing Peacock

There are a large number of strange and beautiful creature which the nature has given us and one of them is Peacock especially when the Peacock is showing his beauty when he spreads his feathers and this top wallpaper present it in a wonderful way.

17- Balloon of Balloons

Balloon of Balloons

Wow! It is also a wonder that a balloon which is made up of a very large number of balloons is taking a house away from the earth in the bright blue sky. This outstanding wallpaper should definitely include in the list of your wallpapers of Nexus 7.

18- Burning Candles

Burning Candles

You can see two burning candles in the front side of this conceptual wallpaper with one candle in the background as well which shows an environment of spa or relaxing place.

19- Future Train

Future Train

This science fiction wallpaper shows a future train running like speed of life with a flat background. This fabulous wallpaper makes the screen of your Nexus 7 a science fiction touch.

20- End of Life

This scenery of the evening with some plants which are about to be dead in a few moments make a sad appearance of the reality of life that everything will be finished when the time comes.

End of Life

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