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Now Rooting Tool For Galaxy Nexus Get Many More Features

We can say that Android is a well-know operating system which is running in lots of devices smartphones and tablets basically this OS is acquired buy Google. If you are also a user of Google its means you are using the World’s most well-known OS in your device. One of the well-known smartphone in which Android OS is running well is Galaxy Nexus.

Now Rooting Tool For Galaxy Nexus Get Many More Features

If you are using Android OS and want to Root this device then there is something interesting news for you because now you can use the Rooting tool with many new features. In the recent times Galaxy Nexus simple root tool receives many new features below you can see the download link for this…

Download Link

File size: 40.5 MB
CRC-32: 60173e80
MD4: ce769bb081167b821b02518f49cb9374
MD5: ae6dda67dc46026cd1684464137ecbc8
SHA-1: 20e0f5cdacd2e7a970a1a6be2d87c1d08c938c5eNeed a simple way to validate checksums? I recommend: HashCheck Shell Extension

Some Useful Features

If we look towards the features of this tool then we can say that you are really a lucky person if you are using it for Root your Galaxy Nexus. Using this tool for root you can ask the end user if they want to update their systems path variable to point to ADB for global use from the CMD line, it’s really a great opportunity for every Root lovers. On the other hand if we look towards the drivers installation this will automatically Attempt to install the drivers using pnputil and devcon and for the users it’ll provide the detailed instructions for manually configuring their drivers. Below you can see the driver configuration is a two step manual process:

  • Your device has to be configured once when its ON and again when its in BOOTLOADER
  • You have to manually configure these drivers through device manager.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions for driver configuration, or refer to post #2 for more details.

On the other hand if we look towards the aspect of unlock you also has many more features because this tool will automatically unlock your device which will also inexorably factory reset your device.

  • I recommend backing up all your picture, music files, and such manually by just:

Plugging your device into your computer and using drag and drop to copy them over

  • Then use the backup feature of the toolkit to make a full backup of your apps and settings

See “backup and restore”

The main thing about this Rooting Tool is, you have now no need to worry because this Rooting tool will perform many things automatically below you can see a large range of Automatically done features:

  • Push (Superuser.apk) to your sdcard
  • Flash clockwork mod (this is specific to your device model; ie CDMA version vs. GSM version)
  • Provide on screen instructions for completing the rooting procedure
  • Launch a script which automatically enters adb shell commands to rename the file “recover-from-boot.p” to to “recover-from-boot.p.bak to ensure permanent clockwork

Similarly Flash Stock and Unroot also has many automatically done facilities that you can see below:

  • Download the latest 4.02 android release for your specific model (CDMA/LTE vs GSM/HSPA+)
  • Hashcheck the resulting download once it’s finished to verify the files integrity. If it passes:
  • Extract the .tgz factory image package in the proper manner to a specific sub directory in your GnexToolkit folder
  • Flash the stock images to your device in a highly controlled and ordered fashion.
  • Allow you to bypass the download and extract phase in the future if you have already done it before
  • Allow you to point the program to ANY android factory image package, and let the program take care of the rest
  • This process also includes a user input box governed hashcheck verification step to ensure the files integrity.
  • Has an option to start the flashstock process from bootloader mode incase the user is bricked and can’t boot ups charged first!
  • Flashing stock will also inexorably unroot your device.

If you want to do the OEM lock on your smartphone this tool will automatically Re-lock your device back to original equipment manufacturer specifications.

  • You must use the “flash stock + unroot” feature first before being able to use this option successfully.

For Rooting methods its pretty important that you manage your back-up because Rooting steps can damage your valued data, but using this Rooting Tool for Galaxy Nexus this will automatically initiate a backup of all your apps and app data, and if you want to use guide for this Rooting Tool just click here [XDA link]

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