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How To unbrcik Galaxy Ace with no trouble

A lot people buy Android devices just for their awesome customization options even some take the risk of rooting to get full control over the smartphone, some install recoveries to get the right of installation for custom ROMs, custom MODs, tweaks, ...


How To Unbrick LG Optimus 2X P990

Customization is what, Android smartphones are famous for but it’s not really easy as rooting and installation of custom ROMs and MODs might brick your device, however it’s possible to unbrick them too. You – LG Optimus 2X users, if you’ve ...


Unbrick Your Verizon Galaxy S3 [How-To]

The Verizon Galaxy S3 was came with a locked bootloader but it didn’t stop users form buying the phone, after a few days of Verizon Galaxy S3 release, the Android development managed to unlock the bootloader. However some users have got their ...


How to Unbrick the Nexus 7

The Android is known for hacks, but sometime hacks can be harmful for your Android device like sometime rooting the device or flashing custom ROM can brick your device. Those of you own a Nexus 7 and have bricked the tablet during the installation ...


How to Unbrick LG Nitro HD

Android is an open source mobile operating system acquired by Google, this is what, people love to use Android for, Google adds number of new features and improve performance of Android with the passage of time, then send timely firmware updates to ...

Unbrcik Your US Samsung Galaxy S3 [How-To]

Unbrcik Your US Samsung Galaxy S3 [How-To]

Sometime during rooting, installation of custom recovery or custom room, etc your Android device get bricked, there’re two kinds of bricks first is soft and another hard brick, the hard brick is almost can’t be fixed without OEM support but on ...