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Learn How-To Install Custom Boot Animations

Every technology lover knows that Android is a well-known OS which is running in lots of devices, smartphones and tablets the well-known companies are HTC, Motorola, Samsung, LG and many more. If you are also a user of Android device and want to ...


Learn How-To Improve Galaxy Nexus Display

If you are a user of Samsung Galaxy Nexus and want to improve the display of this device you are on a right place below you can see a guide for this purpose. All the steps are pretty easy and simple to understand and if you’ll follow the steps ...


Use Bloatware Removal Tool For HTC Rezound

HTC is a famous electronic company and its devices are also well-known in all around the world due to its wonderful features, but today we are talking about HTC Rezound and its removal tool. CleanTOOL 1.1. This is a quick little script written by ...